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RED RIBBON: Oasis on Main

By Joyce Ervin A Red Ribbon Cutting Ceremony took place at the recently opened Oasis on Main, a Smoothie and Juice Bar, located 12 E. Main Street, and was hosted by the Milan Area Chamber of Commerce. Owner Christie Martin said she serves healthy options and, “it’s a good place to hang out and meet […]

Work Toward Your Own Financial Independence Day

By Gwen Hodges We’re getting close to the Fourth of July, our national Independence Day. This celebration may get you thinking of the many freedoms you enjoy. But have you thought of what you might need to do to attain financial freedom? Your first step is to define what financial independence signifies to you. For […]

Red ribbon ceremony

Red ribbon ceremony

Your Investment ‘Garden’ strategy

By Gwen Hodges If you’re a gardener, your busy season is at hand, as April has been designated National Garden Month. But could the skills you deploy at gardening be transferred to other areas of your life – such as investing? Here are a few ideas for doing just that: • Establish a timeline. As […]

Financial Gifts for Your Adult Children

By Gwen Hodges Mother’s Day is almost here. If you’re a mother with grown children, you might receive flowers, candy, dinner invitations or some other type of pleasant recognition. However, you might find that you can get more enjoyment from the holiday by giving, rather than receiving. The longest-lasting gifts may be financial ones – […]