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Eternity Matters: Have You Accepted Your Father’s Love?

By Norma Shull Smith June is a month to think of our Fathers. I know a lot of people see Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Grandparent’s Day as just another Hallmark Day, but I am glad our country celebrates these occasions. I will let you do the full research, but the first idea of this […]

Church celebrates Earth Day

Church celebrates Earth Day

By Joyce Ervin Youth at People’s Presbyterian Church recently skipped sitting in the pews and instead tried out the new bench that sets in the narthex.   To celebrate Earth Day 2016 they began collecting plastic caps and lids and ended the collection in time to celebrate Earth Day 2018 as proud owners of a […]

Eternity Matters: IT IS TIME TO REMEMBER

By Norma Shull Smith Whenever I think of the month of May, I think of Memorial Day, a day set aside as a time to remember those who gave their lives for our countries freedom. Remembering is a part of our daily make-up and you and I both know, we have to remember various tasks […]


By Norma Shull Smith I’m sure you all have been overjoyed to see crocuses popping up through the cold earth and even smile a little bigger when you spy them giving a little color to the snow. Somehow when we see them pop through the snow, it makes us feel like we are winning over […]


By Norma Shull Smith I think no matter where anyone is in the world, they look forward to spring! Spring is a time of action, new growth and Truth! As I write this article, our nation is reeling at the shock of yet another senseless school shooting and Americans are sadly divided, with no one […]

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