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Editorial by Dr. Ed Enriquez:This Christmas don’t pass Christ

Every year more and more organizations try to remove the true meaning of Christmas. Several anti-Christian organizations celebrate their lack of belief and have spoken out against the widely held religious beliefs, that to them should be a time of secular celebration and not the birth of Jesus Christ. The Freedom From Religion Foundation, who […]

Seasonal thoughts from the chief

Well, it’s the holidays and the year is quickly coming to an end.  On behalf of everyone here at Milan PD, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and joyful  holiday season. Of course it wouldn’t be a message from the Chief without the encouragement to remain safe and sober, especially […]

Democracy, Really?

Democracy, Really?

We live in a time of labeling people and ideology, depending what you think you will be labeled as radical by the right or reactionary by the left. Personally I prefer, if I must be labeled, as Libertarian, where if government must exist, it must be structurally limited. We try to promote democracy, ignoring that […]

Thank you Milan School District

Dear Editor: It takes an entire community to raise awareness, strive for progress, achieve new standards, and increase well-being to name a few. The Milan School District has good things happening and there are more good things to come- we need to shout that from our roof tops. Kudos to Superintendent Brian Girbach, the school […]

So… Justice Has Color?

Thinking in the context and outcome of the Zimmerman trial, I have to ask myself,  are we going to administrate justice in relation to the amount of skin  Melanin (substance that determine the color of the skin)?  During my past from law school at the Kennedy University in Buenos Aires I was told Justice is […]