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Born in Milan, graduated from Milan High School 30 years ago, Kirk Straub is a true believer in Milan.  A younger Straub was a meat cutter with Thurlow Dunsmore for years then he took a job with a heating company and his life changed.  The more classes he took, both in Michigan and Ohio, the more he loved the work.  In fact he loved it so much he decided to open his own heating and cooling company with the hopes of one day his son would take over the business and his son’s son would follow, you know, a family business.   For over twenty years Straub  continues to take classes keeping up with the newest technology.   He enjoys what he does and he does his job for everyone, not just himself.  He says, “if I didn’t want to get up in the middle of a cold night to help people without heat, I would never have gotten into this line of work”.

Straub Heating and Cooling is located just outside of town at 14624 King Dr. and like in his original dream, Aaron, his son has been with him for almost eleven years, since he was sixteen. Serving both residential and commercial calls, they have a 24 hour emergency number which is 734-260-9747 and the office number for non-emergency calls is 734-439-1891.  In spring they clean and check the a/c units and in early fall they clean and check the heat unit.  Current offer is a clean and check/maintenance  on your furnace for only $80.00 till the end of Nov., this is a $15.00 savings.

Straub and his wife Lisa (McConeghy) have been married for 28 years and they have two children and four grandchildren.  Aaron and Erica  are the parents of Reese and Jaxen and daughter, Demi the parent of  Maddox and Ross.

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