Milan High School Quiz Bowl Team off to a good start

Jessi Smith and Sarah Wachowicz are Milan High School junior varsity quiz bowl members

Milan High School quiz bowl members are photographed in competition.

Milan High School varsity quiz bowl team members, Harry Ervin, Ashley Roark, captain Grace Bartley, Alexis Tucker and Will Fournier are photographed after winning their first match of the 2012 season against Saline High School.

The Milan High School varsity quiz bowl team won their season opener with a 200 vs 170 score against competitor Saline High School.  Coach Jim Brousseau said he was very excited and proud of how well the varsity team started the season.

“We have some incredible players returning to the team that have the confidence, experience and knowledge to be very successful this year,” Brousseau said.

The junior varsity team fell to Saline with  a 570 to 60 loss.  Brousseau said the junior varsity had only one returning player and it would take time for the new competitors to “learn the ropes”. They are a great group of kids and we can expect a lot of success in their future, Brousseau said.

Win or lose, it’s a fast-paced competition coupled with anticipation of which team will ring the buzzer first. Players must respond with the correct answer to a question within 10 seconds.  Toss-up and bonus questions add to the intensity and the scores.

The play consists of two 15-minute  rounds.  Participants can be given up to 75 questions per round. The questions are prepared by Knowledge Master who supplies thousands of questions for educational evaluation and academic competitions.

Milan competes in a tri-county league against Tecumseh, Manchester, Whitmore Lake, Howell, Pinckney, Saline,  Dexter and teams of home-schooled students.

Questions spawn a range of topics, including  history, science, medicine, literature, math, drama, composers, law, journalism, grammar, physics, reformers, medical specialists, astronomy, plate tectonics, painters, short stories, senate maneuvers and writing techniques to name a few. Some unusual categories include, “Jumping the Gun”, “Pretty Bad Guys”, “Dice Probabilities” and “Historical Slang”.

Readers may wonder how they would fare against Big Reds scholars.  Test your knowledge with these sample questions.

 Force:  A 160-pound capybara is in an elevator.  The elevator exerts an upward acceleration of 4-feet per second squared.  What force is exerted on the capybara by the floor of the elevator?

Canal History:  In the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty of 1850, Britain and the U.S agreed to not independently seek rights to a canal across Central America.  But in 1901, the British renounced their rights to the canal in what other treaty?

Historical Nicknames:  The nickname, Sharp Knife, was given to what general by his Creek Indian foes after the Battle of Horseshoe Bend in Alabama in 1814?

Teams are made up of five players from each school.  Milan varsity team players are senior captain Grace Bartley, Harry Ervin, Will Fournier, Ashley Roark and Alexis Tucker. Junior varsity members are Fawnie Pemenan, Sarah Wachowicz, Jessi Smith, Lily Bartley and Marley Tucker.

For information on future competitions, email brousseauj [at] milanareaschools [dot] org.

Answers:  180 pounds,  Hay-Pauncefote Treaty, Andrew Jackson

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