Feature a Teacher: John Evans

Mr. Evans assists 3rd grade student, Ryan Giasi, with a computer search during library time. Photo by Balinda Zimmerman.

Mr. Evans with one of his classroom pets, a small python.

John Evans is a 3rd grade teacher at Symons Elementary School who is loved by almost all students who have passed through his doors and even those who just know of him in the halls of the school.  When I mentioned about interviewing him all three of my grandchildren became very excited.  I might add that none of the three have had him as a teacher.  If John Evans had not become a teacher he might have been a veterinarian because he has always had a love for animals.

Mr. Evans graduated from JacksonHigh School where he was active in football during High School and swimming during his Junior High years.  He attended EasternMichiganUniversity for undergraduate classes and earned his Master’s Degree from Marygrove.  He met his wife, Susan, through a mutual friend, has been married for 12 years and currently resides in Westland, MI.  Susan is employed by the school system in Westland.  Evans has two children ages nine (boy) and eleven (girl) and is the step-father of two adult children.

Evans began his teaching career in Milan as a student teacher in 1996 and never left.  He taught 1st grade for six years before he had the opportunity to become a 3rd grade teacher.  Welcoming me to his classroom he showed me all of the animals that the children so enjoy, from the tree frog to the two very large iguana’s that are free to roam about the room at times during class.  What an amazing experience for a student!  Watching him interact with the children in his classroom is a joy because of his patience and understanding of the developmental stages of children.  He says of 3rd graders, “they are old enough to be independent but still impressionable and have a good sense of humor.”  He also enjoys introducing new technology to the children while covering the necessary curriculum.  Although he has over twenty animals in his classroom, his favorite thing to teach is Math and the only subject he does not teach is science.

A while back Evans became interested in running and has become an avid runner participating in several half-marathons and recently running in his first marathon.  He credits running for the 40lbs of weight he has lost and the lack of sickness and allergy issues that he now enjoys.

Evans feels that Milan is a great place to teach because the system is “always striving to do what is right for the kids and the district has a family feel about it.”  Mr. John Evans is well loved by his students and is a credit to the teaching program of SymonsElementary School.

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