Spotlight a Student: Jordan Webber, 3rd grade, Competition cheerleader, Service organizer

Jordan Webber standing beside her team trophy during the Spirit Rocks competition at the Palace in Detroit on January, 27, 2013. Photo by Balinda Zimmerman.

Jordan Webber exhibits Mouth Care for Kids In Need boxes where she currently collects dental items for needy children and will donate them to Aid in Milan for distribution. Photo by Balinda Zimmerman.

Jordan Webber is an 8 year old 3rd grade student at Symons Elementary school and a competition cheerleader with TOTAL CHEER in Canton, MI.  Jordan may be an only child but her heart holds an abundance of love that she wants to share with others.  She is very active in her community in addition to her many hours of training required to be a “flyer” for her Junior Cheer team and a “base” for her Mini Cheer Team.  Her father, Ron Webber says he has no idea where she might have gotten her dedication for giving and serving her community.  Ron has always tried to give to his community but his daughter is well on her way to becoming one of Milan’s most dedicated servants when it comes to helping those in need.

In 2010 Jordan created a program called Kids In Need for which she recently was the first ever to receive the Junior Youth Award handed out by the Milan Chamber of Commerce.  One of her first donations in 2010 was made by organizing a Garage Sale to earn and collect monies to be donated.  Jordan raised over $300 for her first contribution to Kids in Need which distributes through  Aid in Milan. She is presently focusing on dental care and collecting Mouth Care for Kids in Need which consists of any type of dental hygiene products that children might need.  If you would like to contribute there are boxes placed around town where you can donate items.  Collection boxes can be found at Say Yes Fitness, Milan Kroger, Milan Dental Clinic, Milan Physical Therapy and Edward Jones.  Cash donations can also be made to assist children in receiving dental care.

Kids in Need is not the only thing Jordan has done for her community.  When her great grandmother passed away in 2012, Jordan and her father inherited “boxes and boxes and boxes of beanie babies.”  Around Christmas time the two could be found handing out beanie babies to residents of Superior Woods Nursing Home in Ypsilanti where her great-grandmother had been a resident before her passing.  Jordan explained that she had kept about 200 of stuffed animal collectibles for herself but had many duplicates that she was able to share with the residents.

Webber has lived in Milan most of her life with the exception of a couple years in living Grassland where she says she “really liked our neighbors.”  She enjoys walking along the beach in San Diego where she travels to visit her mother during Spring break and Summer vacations.  Jordan has a dog (Frankie) and a cat (Riley) and a one very unusual pet, her rat named Glorious which her father describes as a very interesting and fun pet.  She loves to write poetry and songs and also likes to create her own choreography for routines she performs for family and friends.  She beamed with passion as she and Ron explained how she had choreographed her own routine for the Miss Monroe Pageant last year.

Jordan is also a member of the American Heritage Girls (AHG) which is a program similar to the Girl Scouts of America, but with a stronger focus on God.  Ron explained how thrilled Jordan is about beginning rifle training through the AHG at the Tri-County Sportsman’s Club located on Moon Road.  Ron describes his daughter as a very good student in school and dedicated to serving others.  As dedicated as Jordan is to the community I am betting she will be a very successful, albeit unusually young, riflewoman.

Jordan dreams of one day becoming a veterinarian, a judge and finally the President of the United States.  Several months ago she determined that she would eventually need at least eight years of advanced schooling in order to make her goals a reality.  With her service history, I would be willing to bet she succeeds in a service oriented field even if her goals change as she grows older.

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