Army Veteran Andrew Cummings

Andrew treating children in Afghanistan to candy.

Army veteran Andrew Cummings born January 31, 1986. The son of Steve and Rebecca Cummings, husband to Amy and father to Ella and brother to Samuel.  Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to join the Army, in elementary school and middle school I was nicknamed “Army Drew”.

Like I said I always wanted to be in the Army and I felt I needed to “earn” my citizenship.  I think too many people in our country have the idea of self entitlement and it’s wrong. My Father was truly my inspiration for wanting to join. He retired from the U.S. Army after 20 years of service, and a tour of Iraq and his father served as an MP during the Korean War.

I came from a long line of military family!  My mom’s father was a Major in the Army Airforces (before it became the Air Force in 1947) during World War II. He served as a fighter pilot and was a confirmed fighter ACE, my grandmother was a nurse in the Navy in WW II, her brother a landing craft driver saw action in the Pacific during the first wave at Omaha Beach during D-day. So joining the military was very fitting for me!

I enlisted in 2005, completed ROTC in high school and graduated in 2006. After high school I went to Infantry School and trained in LRS (Long Range Surveillance). I had schooling in Germany as well as the Ukraine. In 2007 I had my first tour in Iraq with the line infantry unit as a Designed Marksman. I returned home to the United Stated in 2009. I really had some tough times adjusting, as I think every soldier does, no matter what your job is. I decided to go back overseas, but this time to Afghanistan. In my mind there was no question that that’s where I wanted to be, I mean my brothers were going and so was I. It was the right thing to do and it was my duty. I didn’t want to let my buddies down.  Second tour was emotionally different than first.  Reason being, I had matured as a soldier.  My tour in Afghanistan lasted one year and again I came back to the States


Iraq and Afghanistan were vastly different situations both politically and at the military level.  Living conditions were not the greatest.  In Iraq I lived in a building that Saddam’s sons had used to torture and kill people, sand bags for windows, rats and insects, hotter inside than outside.  On average we had 3 hours of power a day.  In Afghanistan we lived in a tent.  I remember waking up in Feb. with frost on my lips and then in the summer we had temps in excess of 140 degrees.


Deciding to get out on February 14 after 8 years of service, I took a job as a Veterans Officer where I continue to serve my fellow Veterans on a daily basis.  Although, I have a feeling I’ll make the Army my home again someday.


I’m also a member of the VFW, DAV and the American Legion post 268 of Milan, and I am PROUD that I have served my Country.

Andrew Cummings

Assistant State Service Officer

Veterans of Foreign War

Department of Michigan.


Andrew treating children in Afghanistan to candy.

Andrew treating children in Afghanistan to candy.

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