Milan Schools Logo Committee chooses a candidate for logo design

The Milan schools logo committee met again this week to select a rendering for a new logo from the many drawings submitted by students and the community designed to replace the former symbol that contained Native American imagery. The new logo designs were to include the block letter “M” or a hawk, but entrants were cautioned not to promote the hawk as a substitute for the school’s “Milan Big Reds” name.

More than 100 drawings were anonymously presented to the committee for consideration. The quality of the submissions, with the exception of those drawings that appeared to not be original but rather copied and pasted from internet images were not considered. Also not considered were elaborate designs that would not lend well as a logo being too detailed to use on sports equipment, clothing or letterheads.

The members debated over images of hawks in flight, images of hawk heads with a favorite that included both the letter “M” and a hawk with its eyes staring out of the letter. The committee is requesting the artist that submitted that image do further drawings incorporating the “M”, using the “Big Reds” name, adding color and different fonts for their review.

As a committee, the response from students at all grade levels to the effort was impressive and appreciated. The committee will meet again on March 21 to review the revised renderings.

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