Congratulations, Quiz Bowlers!

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by Matt Ruff


Name 3 prime numbers between 80 and 100.


Who are 3 Simpsons, besides Bart?


What are 3 of the 4 states bordering Tennessee to the south?


Divide ¼ by ½.


These are some of the questions thrown at the teams competing at Quiz Bowl 2013.  The competition was held at Saline Middle School on Saturday, March 2.  What a wonderful reason to get up at 8:00 am!  When we first walked in and saw all the students with the basketballs, we were worried about the competition.  But the sign pointed us down the hall where the rest of the district brainiacs were waiting.


Teams of middle schoolers from Pickney, Dexter, Chelsea, Saline, Tecumseh, Lincoln and Milan all gathered in the cafeteria where they were immediately mixed up into new teams by grade.  There were a few fifth graders lumped with the sixth graders but they came prepared to play.


The competitions lasted 20 minutes each and, after three rounds, the last set was determined by number of wins.  Who actually won didn’t really matter.  (At least that is what we say when we don’t really know.)  Some players from Milan won a lot.  Some won a few.  The parents were really impressed by how much the sixth, seventh and eighth graders really knew.  Dr. Schmittou, Mrs. Kuenzel and Mrs. Smaby were proud of the performance of our Big Reds.


Congratulations, Quiz Bowlers!

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