The Future of Downtown

For about two decades Milan downtown has suffered a progressive decline in commercial activity, reaching at this point its more critical status. The city of Milan Downtown Development Authority (DDA) decided to face the problem heads on, creating a new development plan and the implementation of a Tax Increment Financing Plan (TIF).  This is an ambitious plan that will reflect fruit in the long run.

The goals and objectives of the development plan are: Improve safety and attractiveness in the area; encourage renovation and expansion of the downtown businesses; encourage new private development in conjunction with public improvements; increase pedestrian traffic and public transportation; encourage public /private partnerships to address infrastructure limitations and utilize all available marketing techniques. The other ingredient is the implementation of a TIF, upon approval of the City Council, will enable the city to direct property taxes that may accrue from new development within the DDA District. With the implementation of the TIF any new investment that increases the property value of any building will generate additional monies for the DDA.   For example if a current building has a taxable value of 100,000 dollars if an increment of value occurs to 125,000 dollars, the difference for the new tax value will be captured by the DDA.

During the Milan Rotary Club meeting March 12, Robert Creal and Dave Snider, members of the DDA, presented the plan of action of the DDA.  Others in attendance, besides the Rotary members, were Kirk Straub and J. Wilkinson also DDA members, Heather Gotts and Glenda Enriquez representing  the Milan Area Chamber of Commerce, and City Council members Martha Churchill and Doug Gilson.

The DDA expressed the desire for support and cooperation from different institutions and individuals of the community.

The question is, if this plan is for the long future what are the parameters and actions necessary to produce results in the near future?

Dave Snider, DDA Member, presenting a plan of action to the rest of the DDA.

Dave Snider, DDA Member, presenting a plan of action to the rest of the DDA.

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