Milan Police Department Crime and Incident Summary for April 7, 2013 thru April 13, 2013

This is a summary of incidents that the police department responded to over the last week. It is meant to provide a review of the type and variety of issues occurring in the community that the PD handled. It does not reflect every incident responded to, as some may be too sensitive to list on a document of this nature, while others are still under investigation. All names of complainants, suspects, and witnesses, as well as residential addresses have been omitted to insure privacy. In some cases the street name has also been left off.

General Notes and Definitions:

• CFS is the Call for Service or police incident number of the given case.

• The next number in line is the military time an incident occurred or was reported.

• Property checks include activities such as checking buildings; they also include checking residences when citizens ask for additional attention due to being out of town.

• Foot Patrols include activities where officers get out of their cars and walk downtown, in and around businesses, through neighborhoods, as well as at the schools.

• Community/public Relations include community or special events that officers work or participate in; they also include instances where an officer stops in at a business and checks in with the owner/employees, or touches base with citizens while conducting patrols in and around neighborhoods to talk, share information, or provide crime prevention tips.

• Medical/Fire Tally is the total of all EMS and Fire runs dispatched out of the Milan PD Dispatch Center each day. Those that occur in town will continue to be detailed under a CFS on the given days, however since this is a Fire Authority and serves areas outside the city limits, the tally serves to reinforce the totality of Fire and EMS runs dispatched.

• Family Troubles/Domestics are incidents where the PD is called involving any number of disputes between spouses, ex-spouses, boyfriend/girlfriends, ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, custody disputes, as well as property disputes. In these cases, police investigation may not result in formal enforcement action, nonetheless the police are called upon to intervene, insure safety, keep the peace, and attempt to assist in providing solutions.

• Peace Keeping/Civil Matters/Miscellaneous Disputes are incidents that involve some sort of conflict that does not rise to the level of a crime, however the police are called to try and mitigate and/or resolve the issues, assist the disputants solve the underlying problems, stand by while property is removed, resolve neighbor problems, stand by during custody exchanges, or simply keep the peace between individuals that are arguing with one another.

• Threats/Harassment Complaints include verbal threats, harassing/threatening text messages, and threatening/harassing telephone calls.

• Noise Complaints include any number or ordinance violations such as loud music, loud parties, construction noises, loud engines/exhausts, disturbing the peace, etc.

• Liquor Inspections are required by the State Liquor Control Commission. They involve inspecting establishments that sell alcohol to insure minors are not being served; individuals are not being over-served; licensing guidelines are being followed; and there are no disturbances, disorderly conduct or other illegal activities taking place.

• Traffic Arrests are arrests for drunk driving and license violations, such as Driving on a Suspended License, Driving Without a License in Possession; Operators License never Acquired.

National Public Safety Telecommunications Week

This week is set aside to recognize the work and dedication of dispatchers, call-takers, and 911 operators who serve in public safety dispatch centers throughout our nation. Attached is a certificate of appreciation issued to the Milan Police Department Dispatch Center personnel recognizing their service from the State of Michigan 911 Committee, as well as a letter from the Chief reinforcing their excellent work and the vital role they play in the delivery of police service in our community.

Upcoming Activities in Milan:

See attachment from Chamber on Milan Activities.

General Policing Activities for the Week:

Traffic Stops: 19
Park Checks: 11
Property Checks: 12
Community/Public Relations: 11
Foot Patrols: 2
Vehicle Lock-Outs: 3
Defective Equipment Citation Inspection Sign Offs: 2
Court Ordered Preliminary Breath Tests: 6
Gun Permits Processed:
Background Checks Processed: 1
Freedom of Information Requests Processed: 1
Milan Area Fire and EMS Dispatch Tally: 17
Extra Patrols at Schools: 10
Licensing Inspections at State Controlled Liquor Establishments:

Street Light Survey Completed – repair requests forwarded.

Incident Summaries:

Saturday April 13

CFS#2438 2148 1230 Dexter Suspicious Person

Ofc House/Sgt Nieman responded to above (Sleep Inn) for a report of a suspicious male with a green coat on walking around the hotel that appeared confused. He was found crouched down outside near some shrubs. He stated he was from Highland, MI, had gotten into an argument with a spouse earlier in the day, but could not account for how he got to Milan. A family member arrived while the officers were talking with him. The family member advised the subject was suffering from substance abuse and other medical issues. The family member transported him to the hospital for treatment.

CFS#2436 1845 Animal Complaint

Sgt Nieman responded to check on the well being of a dog. Caller was concerned for the dog’s health as it was reportedly tied up outside all the time. Sgt checked and the dog appeared to be healthy and had proper food/water.

CFS#2435 1829 Lauff Suspicious Incident

Sgt Nieman responded to a reported smell of marijuana in the area. Sgt made contact with a resident who denied anything of that nature. All appeared to be ok; no odor was detected.

CFS#2433 1603 US 23/Sherman Assist Medical

Ofc Walters responded assist an HVA unit that was transporting a patient, had a tire blow out, and was partially blocking a traffic lane. Ofc Walters diverted traffic around the ambulance while a second ambulance arrived took over the transport and the first one was repaired. MAFD also responded to assist.

CFS#2432 1215 Hurd Animal Complaint

Ofc Walters responded and met with complainant regarding a stray black cat on the porch that won’t let complainant leave. Ofc was unable to locate the cat.

CFS#2430 and 2431 1122 513 W Main Retail Fraud

Ofc Walters took two Retail Fraud reports at Ace Hardware.


CFS#2429 0930 Taken Without Permission

Ofc Walters met with complainant regarding his ex-girlfriend taking his car and credit card earlier in the day. Monroe PD was contacted and asked to check suspect’s residence for the car. It was located and recovered there.

CFS#2426 0756 1189 Dexter Burglar Alarm

Walters responded to an alarm at Arby’s. Ofc made contact with an employee; building was secure.

Friday April 12

CFS#2420 2241 Redman/Anderson Special Detail

Ofc House was out at above location following up on a complaint we received about a street light not working properly. Ofc observed street light for a period of time and it appeared to be working properly.

CFS#2419 2226 Redman/Anderson Noise Complaint

Ofc House responded to above for loud music reported in the area. Ofc checked area and was not able to locate any loud music.

CFS#2417 1956 Braman Solicitation

Ofc Chatell responded reference a solicitor. Ofc made contact with the solicitor who did have a valid permit through the city.

CFS#2416 1823 W Main Alarm

Sgt Nieman responded to an alarm at a medical office. Everything appeared secure. Messages left for key holders.

CFS#2415 1627 Assist Other Agency

Ofc Burgos assisted a Child Protective Services Investigator with case follow-up.

CFS#2412 1444 35 Neckel Ct Warrant Arrest

Ofc Chatell handled the paperwork on an arrest at WCSD on an outstanding Milan PD warrant for Animal Cruelty.

CFS#2410 1215 35 Neckel Ct Detail

Ofc Chatell handled the weekly breath simulator test.

CFS#2409 1104 200 Big Red Dr Threats Complaint

School Resource Officer Heams handled a threats complaint.

CFS#2408 1040 Citizen Assist

Complainant contacted the PD to report that her 87 year old mother bought a mop online for $19.95 and the company billed her over $100. Ofc Burgos contacted the subject and the company, and it appears the subject mistakenly added several mops and possibly buckets to her Shopping cart rather than just one. The company rectified the error.

CFS#2404 0410 Assist Medical

Ofc House responded to assist HVA on a medical for a 40 YOF having abdominal pain; subject was transported to the hospital.

Thursday April 11

CFS#2401 2355 14177 Plank Assist Citizen

Ofc House responded to above to assist a citizen who called reference off-loading a trailer at the D&R Trailer Lot. Ofc stood by and trailer was unloaded safely.

CFS#2397 1832 Custody Issue/Civil

Sgt Butler had a subject come in to make a complaint about a child custody issue.

CFS#2395 1803 Civil

Complainant reported an ex-spouse used a shopping points card to receive discounted gas. The store in question refunded the points to the card. Civil only; Ofc Terrill handled.

CFS#2394 1714 Welfare Check

WCSD requested we check the well being of two children who did not return to Ypsilanti after school. Investigation revealed a grandparent picked them up and they were fine.



CFS#2393 1636 Rx Fraud

Subject fraudulently obtained Rx meds using another person’s name; Ofc Burgos investigating and charges are pending.

CFS#2391 1456 35 Neckel Ct Assist Other Department

Dispatch was notified via LEIN that Saline was opening their dam gates due to the excess rain. Milan DPW was advised and our dam was opened to accommodate the additional water. Monroe Emergency Management also notified to expect additional water downstream.

CFS#2388 1236 Hurd St Assist Fire

Ofc Terrill assisted MAFD with a car fire.

CFS#2387 1030 200 Big Red Dr Medical Assist

School Resource Officer Heams assisted MAFD/HVA on a student having trouble breathing.

Wednesday April 10

CFS#2381 2338 Civil/Suspicious

Ofc McLaughlin responded to meet with complainant reference his vehicle either being stolen or repossessed. Follow-up indicated a tow truck took the vehicle. Complainant is following up w/lender.

CFS#2380 2235 MIPD General Assist

Ofc McLaughlin responded to the station and met with complainant who needed a document signed in front of a Police Officer.

CFS#2373 1825 MIPD General Assist

Subject came to the front desk to speak to an officer regarding borrowing some money; Sgt Butler handled.

CFS#2371 1733 Ideal Juvenile

Sgt Butler responded to a child playing hockey in the street and possibly damaging a vehicle parked in the area; no damage observed.

CFS#2368 1416 Medical

Ofc Terrill and HVA responded to a low blood pressure complaint.
CFS#2366/2369 1143 Rx Fraud

Subject called a dentist office on two separate occasions and provided false identification in order to obtain pain medications. Meds were apparently authorized and suspect picked up two Rx’s at two separate pharmacies. Ofc Burgos investigating; charges pending.

CFS#2365 1008 Marvin/Michigan Assist other Agency

Dispatch was contacted by City Hall regarding metal gas line covers missing from the sidewalk and causing a trip hazard. Mich-Con was contacted. Mich-Con employee flagged the area and will provide a replacement cap.

CFS#2364 35 Neckel Ct Found Property

A set of keys was TOT PD that were found on the ground. Ofc Terrill located the owner and returned the keys.

CFS#2356 0059 Goldfinch/Allen Possible Abandoned Vehicle

Sgt Butler tagged a Dodge PU as an aban.

Tuesday April 9

CFS#2351 2135 Wright Ln/Marvin Traffic Complaint

Sgt Butler responded to the area for a report of 2 to 3 big trucks using the vacant land in the area for “monster trucking,” as the caller described. Sgt checked the area and was not able to locate any activity. Caller states it happens a couple times a week around dusk; extra patrols will be conducted.

CFS#2349 1835 First/Church Animal Complaint

Sgt Butler responded to a report of a loose dog in the area. The short haired Husky looking dog was seen running from people in the area of Main/Church. Owner caught the dog; she was warned re dog at large.

CFS#2347 1626 Harassing Calls

Complainant reported harassing phone calls being received numerous times at the business. A subject reportedly keeps calling and giving different names while trying to make contact with an employee. Ofc Terrill handled.

CFS # 2346 1505 1249 Dexter Private Property Crash

Ofc Walters responded for a private property crash that occurred in the parking lot of CVS. There were no injuries; minor damage to both vehicles involved.


CFS#2345 1324 Medical Assist

Ofc Walter and Ofc Burgos responded for a report that a patient had struck a caretaker at the residence. The subject’s legal guardian was contacted who handled the matter. Report made for documentation only.

CFS#2344 1244 Subpoena Service

Ofc Terrill completed a subpoena service for an upcoming criminal case.

CFS#2343 1158 Assist MAFD/HVA

Ofc Burgos responded for a female who had fallen inside a church. No hospital transport required; HVA was cancelled.

CFS#2334 0018 1200 Dexter Suspicious Person

Ofc McLaughlin was on routine patrol when he noticed a male subject standing in the parking lot of the business. Ofc made contact with the subject who stated he was waiting for a ride. He had an outstanding arrest warrant from another jurisdiction; however they were outside the pick-up range on the warrant. Subject was advised and released.

Monday April 8

CFS#2333 2352 20 Wabash Liquor Inspection

Ofc McLaughlin conducted an LI at Fenders; no problems observed.

CFS#2330 2038 Allen Dispute/Altercation

Sgt Butler responded reference subjects arguing in the front yard. Sgt made contact with all parties who had gotten into a disagreement about a dog; verbal only

CFS#2327 1834 Assist Medical

Sgt Butler responded to assist MAFD/HVA on a medical for a 10 YOM that had accidently got hit in the head with a baseball bat. Subject was transported by parents to the hospital.

CFS#2324 1456 200 Big Red Private Property Crash

School Resource Officer Heams handled a private property crash that occurred in the high school parking lot.



CFS#2321 1330 35 Neckel Civil Matter

Subject came into PD and spoke with Sgt Couture regarding a dispute involving the placement of a storage container in subject’s driveway; placement is apparently contrary to homeowner’s association guidelines.

CFS#2320 1043 Lewis Alarm

ADT called in a burglar alarm at a residence. Sgt Couture responded. All appeared secure.

CFS#2319 2319 Assist HVA/MAFD

Sgt Couture responded for a 44 YOM having chest pain and trouble breathing. MAFD and HVA responded as well. Subject was transported to the hospital.

CFS#2318 0951 35 Neckel Citizen Assist

Subject came into PD requesting to speak to an officer regarding Michigan laws involving private investigators.

Sunday April 7

CFS#2312 2042 75 Gump Lake Alarm

Sgt Nieman responded to above for an alarm coming from wastewater treatment plant. Contact was made with contractor and building was secure.

CFS#2311 2020 408 E Main Alarm

Sgt Nieman/Ofc Walters responded to above for an alarm coming from Tim’s Auto. A key holder was on scene to reset alarm and building was secure.

CFS#2308 1851 Squires Suspicious Vehicle

While on patrol Sgt Nieman observed a vehicle with no plate that had been sitting there for a while. Dispatch ran plate which came back clear. No problem found. Vehicle was locked and secure.

CFS#2306 1718 Assist Medical

Ofc Walters responded to assist MAFD/HVA on a medical for a subject that had fallen and was not alert. Subject appeared to have had as seizure and was transported to the hospital.

CFS#2302 0802 1206 Dexter Alarm

Sgt Couture was sent to an alarm at the Taco Bell, which was cancelled prior to arrival.
CFS#2301 0628 Assist Medical

Ofc House responded to a report of a female subject with severe abdominal pain; she was transported to the hospital.

CFS#2298 0048 Asher Pass Suspicious Circumstance

Complainant reported a suspicious vehicle parked outside his residence and that possibly two males with their hoods up exited and walked towards the trailer park. Ofc House and Ofc Walters began checking the area. Additional information was provided indicating the subjects had returned to the vehicle and it was leaving the area. Officers located and stopped it. The driver stated he was at a friend’s house in the trailer park. The friend was contacted and confirmed the story. No obvious crime afoot.

CFS#2297 0037 45 Wabash Suspicious Circumstance

Ofc Walters observed 4 male juveniles walking on foot towards W Main St. Ofc spoke to the subjects. They advised they just finished watching the Michigan basketball game and wanted to get outside for some fresh air and were taking a walk. All were 17 and not in violation of curfew. They did not appear to be causing any problems.


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