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Clark Perforating Four Generations

Being the youngest of 5 children, Sally Clark spent every Saturday growing up at Clark Perforating with her dad. She worked there during high school and has been the President since 1990.   Clark Perforating, a family-owned business with a team approach is operated by Sally J. Clark.

H .A. Clark, Sally’s grandfather started the business in 1948 in Rochester, NY.  After establishing customers in Michigan, doing research and checking with the Detroit Chamber of Commerce in 1954, H. A.  and his two sons, William, Sally’s dad and Herbert Jr., her uncle moved Clark Perforating to Milan.

Clark Perforating maintains a building of about 20,000 square feet located at 15875 Allen Rd, is open Monday-Friday, 1 shift with 10 employees and has customers from all over the United States. Many of their customers have been with them since 1954 which reflects their customer service, superior quality work and fast reliable turnaround times.

Clark Perforating is a certified manufacturer of metal and plastic perforated coils or sheets, square sheared or slit to custom specifications, up to 36 inches wide, 18 gauge and lighter. Using materials such as aluminum, brass, copper, cold rolled steel galvanized, tin plate and plastic and stacks and stacks of dies they punch perforations round, square, oblong, slot straight line and staggered hole patterns, custom made and diagonal.  They punch over 100 varieties of hole types and sizes.

These punched raw materials eventually get used to make products such as filters, grain screens, shelves, speaker grills, appliances, vehicles, aircraft, watercraft, electrical components, furniture, ceilings, create lighting effects, art pieces and architectural design.  They are a reliable method to cover, enclose, divide, decorate or ventilate space.  Can be used to secure an area, they ensure safety, as privacy, still allowing the flow of light and air.

When I ask Sally the question: As a woman, is running this type of business more difficult?   She said, There have been a few times she’s answered the phone and received replies such as “how could a woman know anything about metal?” or “I’d rather speak to a man”.  From what I’ve seen and heard around here today I’m thinking President Sally Clark, for the last 23 years, of Clark Perforating probably knows more than most of her callers!

Like her grandfather, Sally Clark has two sons Wade and Walter Freeman.  Both in their twenties, both attended college, both went away for a year to travel or work and both returned to Milan and are now working at Clark Perforating.  Four generations providing a product from Milan, Michigan to customers all over the U.S.A.  www.clarkperforating.com       (734) 439-1170

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