Crime Watch 6/2-6/8

Milan Police Department Incident and Activity Summary for June 2 thru June 8, 2013

This is a summary of incidents that the police department responded to over the last week. It is meant to provide a review of the type and variety of issues occurring in the community that the PD handled. It does not reflect every incident responded to, as some may be too sensitive to list on a document of this nature, while others are still under investigation. All names of complainants, suspects, and witnesses, as well as residential addresses have been omitted to insure privacy. In some cases the street name has also been left off.

General Notes and Definitions:

• CFS is the Call for Service or police incident number of the given case.

• The next number in line is the military time an incident occurred or was reported.

• Property checks include activities such as checking buildings; they also include checking residences when citizens ask for additional attention due to being out of town.

• Foot Patrols include activities where officers get out of their cars and walk downtown, in and around businesses, through neighborhoods, as well as at the schools.

• Community/public Relations include community or special events that officers work or participate in; they also include instances where an officer stops in at a business and checks in with the owner/employees, or touches base with citizens while conducting patrols in and around neighborhoods to talk, share information, or provide crime prevention tips.

• Medical/Fire Tally is the total of all EMS and Fire runs dispatched out of the Milan PD Dispatch Center each day. Since this is a Fire Authority and serves areas outside the city limits, the tally serves to reinforce the totality of Fire and EMS runs dispatched both inside and outside the city.

• Family Troubles/Domestics are incidents where the PD is called involving any number of disputes between spouses, ex-spouses, boyfriend/girlfriends, ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, custody disputes, as well as property disputes. In these cases, police investigation may not result in formal enforcement action, nonetheless the police are called upon to intervene, insure safety, keep the peace, and attempt to assist in providing solutions.

• Peace Keeping/Civil Matters/Miscellaneous Disputes are incidents that involve some sort of conflict that does not rise to the level of a crime, however the police are called to try and mitigate and/or resolve the issues, assist the disputants solve the underlying problems, stand by while property is removed, resolve neighbor problems, stand by during custody exchanges, or simply keep the peace between individuals that are arguing with one another.

• Threats/Harassment Complaints include verbal threats, harassing/threatening text messages, and threatening/harassing telephone calls.

• Noise Complaints include any number or ordinance violations such as loud music, loud parties, construction noises, loud engines/exhausts, disturbing the peace, etc.

• Liquor Inspections are required by the State Liquor Control Commission. They involve inspecting establishments that sell alcohol to insure minors are not being served; individuals are not being over-served; licensing guidelines are being followed; and there are no disturbances, disorderly conduct or other illegal activities taking place.

• Traffic Arrests are arrests for drunk driving and license violations, such as Driving on a Suspended License, Driving Without a License in Possession; Operators License never Acquired.

• Emotional/Psychological Incidents are incidents where a subject is in emotional/psychological distress and as a result are a threat to harm themselves or someone else, and therefore require hospitalization for medical/psychological treatment/evaluation.

General Policing Activities for the Week:

Traffic Stops: 10
Park Checks: 15
Property Checks: 24
Community/Public Relations: 4
Foot Patrols: 1
Vehicle Lock-Outs: 5
Defective Equipment Citation Inspection Sign Offs: 1
Court Ordered Preliminary Breath Tests:
Gun Permits Processed: 2
Background Checks Processed: 1
Freedom of Information Requests Processed: 1
Milan Area Fire and EMS Dispatch Tally: 12
Extra Patrols at Schools: 16
Licensing Inspections at State Controlled Liquor Establishments: 2
Medical Runs Responded To: 4
Emotional/Psychological Incidents: 1

Railroad and First – extra patrols due to traffic complaints in the area: 1

Upcoming Activities in Milan:

Street Light Survey Completed – repair requests forwarded.

Incident Summaries:

Saturday June 8

CFS#3730 2333 35 Neckel Warrant Arrest
Officer House handled a court notice that a subject wanted on an outstanding Milan PD warrant for Larceny appeared.

CFS#3728 2227 W Main/Church Suspicious
While on patrol Ofc House observed fireworks going off near above location. Ofc checked area but was unable to determine where they were exactly coming from.

CFS#3725 2035 Greentree Solicitor Complaint
Sgt Butler responded to the area on a report of solicitors. He spoke to the subjects who stated they were form an energy company. They advised they had the paperwork filled out for a permit but had not turned it in to the city. Subjects were warned and sent on their way.

CFS#3719 1250 US 23/Plank Abandoned Vehicle
Ofc Terrill tagged an abandoned 2003 tan Ford on the expressway.

CFS#3716 0906 MIPD Council Packets
Sgt Couture delivered Council packets.

CFS#3715 0757 Neighbor Dispute
Sgt Couture responded to an allegation that a neighbor dug up complaint’s rose bush and threw it under her boyfriend’s truck so he would run it over.

Friday June 7

CFS#3704 1324 Wabash/Pennsylvania Juvenile Problem
Ofc Terrill checked for a male and a female that were reportedly stepping out in front of cars; they were gone.

CFS#3703 1237 Employee Problem/Civil Matter
Complainant reported terminating the employment of a subject who has since gone to his vehicle and not left the property. The complainant wanted the subject to leave. Officer Terrill located the subject in his vehicle. Subject advised he was trying to call his union representative. Subject completed his call and left the property without incident. The subject was advised if he returned to the property he could be charged with trespassing.

CFS#3695 0804 Check Welfare
Complainant requested a welfare check for his son after learning he may not be in school. Son lives with mother. Officer Burgos went to the address and learned the youth was in fact in school. He advised the complainant.

CFS#3694 0636 Suspicious Circumstance
While taking a report on another matter, a subject advised Ofc Walters of an assault that occurred sometime in the past. Follow-up pending.

CFS#3691 0037 W Main Suspicious Circumstance
Ofc Walters and Sgt Nieman were dispatched on a report of a suspicious occupied van in the parking lot of the plaza. Upon making contact with the occupants, both stated they were just talking. Both denied drinking, however the driver appeared under the influence of something such that it was not be safe for her to drive. A call was made to a family member who came and picked them up. The van was parked and locked.

Thursday June 6

CFS#3690 2259 Welfare Check
Complaint was concerned for daughter’s welfare after being on the phone with her and the phone cutting off. Officers went to the house and spoke to the complainant’s ex and the daughter. The daughter was fine. Dispatch advised original complainant all was fine.

CFS#3688 2058 Dispute
Ofc Walters responded to a report of a dispute between friends. Verbal only; no assaults.

CFS#3686 1936 Family Trouble
Sgt Nieman responded to a verbal dispute between spouses. Sgt spoke to and calmed both parties. There were no further issues; verbal only.

CFS#3685 1858 89 Wabash Special Detail
Sgt Nieman was out at above for the Car Show in the park. There were no problems.

CFS#3682 1344 Neighbor Trouble
Ofc Burgos responded to meet with complainant over problems he is having with his neighbor.

CFS#3681 1141 Platt/ Redman Traffic Hazard
Citizen reported that the green light was out on Redman going west at Platt. Dispatcher Turner contacted the Road Commission for repairs.

CFS#3678 0903 S Platt Larceny
School Resource Officer Heams took a report of a band instrument that was taken out of the band room.

CFS# 3677 0753 Family Trouble
Officer Burgos mediated a dispute between a husband and wife; verbal only.

CFS# 3676 0649 E Main Found Wallet
Citizen found a wallet in front of a business and turned it in to an employee. Owner was located, contacted, and picked up the wallet.

CFS#3674 0249 County Area Check
Homeowner advised house was freshly painted and was concerned over possible vandalism; Ofc Walters checked the location and area. All was fine.

Wednesday June 5

CFS#3665 1653 Bodley/Everett Animal Complaint
We received a report that a letter carrier may be being harassed by a dog, however complainant did not have dog description or exact location. Area checked w/negative results.

Tuesday June 4

CFS#3658 2136 Dexter Fraud/Credit Card Use
Ofc Walters responded to a report from a credit card holder in Ann Arbor that her card was stolen and it appeared someone fraudulently used it at a location in Milan; follow-up under way.

CFS#3656 2041 Domestic –Verbal/Civil
Sgt Butler responded to a 911 call regarding a domestic dispute in progress in the parking lot of a store. It ended up being a verbal dispute over some property.

CFS#3655 1927 Argyle Cres Barking Dog
Sgt Butler responded to the area for a barking dog complaint.

CFS#3654 1913 Assist DPW
Sgt Butler assisted the Building Department with an issue involving a resident running a drain hose into the storm drain; the water was filling up the drain.

CFS#3653 1820 Subpoena Service
Sgt Butler served a subpoena for an upcoming criminal case.

CFS#3652 1514 89 Wabash Larceny of Purse
Ofc Burgos responded to the station and met with complainant who advised she had set her purse down in the park and someone took it. She stated she later found it, but it was missing $23.00, cigarettes, lip gloss, and Rx medication.

CFS# 3648 1157 Barn Swallow Welfare Check

Officer Burgos checked on a male that had been reportedly sitting on the curb for over a half an hour. Ofc Burgos transported the subject home.

CFS# 3647 752 Assault and Battery
Officer Burgos handled an allegation of an assault involving two females.

CFS#3642 0213 Neckel Ct Found Bike
Sgt Butler found a bike at the above location; bike secured in the station.

CFS#3641 0056 Greentree Ln Suspicious Incident
Ofc Chatell and Sgt Butler responded to the area for a report of female yelling. Ofc’s made contact with the subject who was intoxicated and talking loudly into a cell phone. She agreed to keep it down.

Monday June 3

CFS#3634 2050 Marvin Found Dog
Ofc House responded to meet with complainant regarding a Beagle he found. Ofc transported the dog to the PD and contacted Animal Rescue.

CFS#3633 2003 Assist Medical
Ofc House/Sgt Butler responded to assist MAFD/HVA on a medical for a male subject passed out in the front yard. Subject was transported to hospital.

CFS#3632 1723 Suspicious Incident
Youth came into the PD and stated that while she was on a computer skyping with another person, the subject with whom she was skyping made some threatening remarks toward her. The youth’s father was made aware. He did not want police assistance.

CFS#3628 1538 County 911 Hang Up
Ofc Terrill responded to a 911 hang up at a business. Ofc made contact with staff; all secure.

CFS#3625 1204 County Accidental Property Damage
Officer Terrill took a report from complainant regarding his car window being broken by the lawn service cutting grass in the area.

CFS#3623 1050 Assist Building Department
Sgt Couture stood by while Building Official attempted to contact a resident in reference to City Code violations concerning lawn upkeep. There was also a report that the dog on the property may not be being properly cared for. There was no one home; however the dog was sheltered, appeared in good health, and food and water was available. A notice was left for the resident to contact the Building Department re the grass.

CFS# 3622 1035 Assist Building Department

Sgt Couture stood by with Building Official while he spoke to the resident about running a continuous garage sale in violation of City Code. Situation was resolved.

CFS#3617 0518 Dexter Open Door
Ofc Chatell was conducting a property check and found an open door in the rear of a business. Owner was contacted, responded, and secured the door.

CFS#3614 0241 Main Open Door
Ofc Chatell was conducting foot patrols Downtown and found a door open at a business. No problems found and door was secured.

CFS#3599, 3606, 07, 08, 09, 10 and 3611 0000 MIPD Warrant Arrests
Ofc House handled the reports from court on seven cases where subjects appeared on an outstanding Milan PD warrants.

Sunday June 2

CFS#3600 and 01 2040 Subpoena Service
Ofc Terrill delivered subpoenas on an upcoming case.

CFS#3598 1915 County Alarm
Ofc Terrill and Sgt Nieman responded to a burglar alarm. Upon arrival, contact was made with the General Manager; no problems were found.

CFS#3595 1712 35 Neckel Citizen Assist
Ofc Terrill gave a senior who had just graduated high school a tour of the station. She has an interest in Law Enforcement as a career.

CFS#3594 1656 Neighbor Trouble
Complainant states that her neighbors have been tampering with her flowers; Ofc Terrill handled.

CFS#3593 1559 200 Big Red Extra Patrol
Sgt Nieman conducted extra patrols at the high school for graduation.

CFS#3591 1325 Redman/Platt Special Detail
Sgt Couture was out at above to assist with traffic for graduation at the high school.

CFS3589 1313 200 Big Red Special Detail
School Resource Officer Heams was out at the high school for graduation.

CFS#3588 1238 Civil Standby
Ofc Terrill stood by while landlord checked the property after tenants departed.

CFS#3579 0014 Main Suspicious Circumstance
Complainant reported a subject called the business asking about the location of the safe; no information was provided to the caller. Extra patrols arranged.

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