Inspirational People

Ann Hogan, a member of the Lincoln Golden Ages Senior Center & Mary Friend of the Bethlehem United Church of Christ had met at a party that the seniors of Lincoln where hosting to honor those citizens of our community that had come forth with their generous contributions to support our senior center throughout the year of 2012. Ann and Mary had something in common, they both were involved in groups that made shawls together & gave them to people in need of just a little extra warmth and love. Ann suggested they combine their efforts and double their supply then delivery all of them to the Evangelical Nursing Home in Saline MI. This was arranged and the two groups of women set out to make a total of 45 beautiful shawls within just a few months with over 2000 hours of knitting. On June 18th the day had finally arrived and Ann Hogan with her lovely group of friends and co-workers of this project and Mary Friend representing her group of ladies as well as herself were delivering their shawls. Mary Lou Sasinowski , President of the resident Council, very graciously excepted this loving gift of warmth in behalf of all the residents of the Evangelical Nursing Home.

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