July beautification winners

Jimmy and Kym Anderson are photographed in a bed of blooming hostas at their home at 824 Marvin St. The couple received a 2013 July Beautification Award.

Photographed is the home of Suzanne Dugger located at 401 North St. The Milan Beautification Commission presented her with the 2013 July Beautification Award.

The home of Sue Kuhnke, 401 North St., was selected as a 2013 July Beautification Award winner.

By Joyce Ervin

The Milan Beautification awards winners for 2013 were announced for July. The winners are recognized with a letter from the city, a certificate and a sign is placed in their yard announcing the recognition. Chairwoman Barbara Gardinier encourages residents to take a driving tour. “Look for the signs,” she said.
The Milan Garden Club selects two winners that live outside of the city limits. This month’s winners were Marcia and Jim Rice of 11850 Far Road and Nancy and Kevin Kittendorf of 16579 Cone Road. Milan Garden Club spokeswoman Naida Albin said both homeowners have beautifully tended yards and work hard to help beautify Milan.
Kym and Jimmy Anderson homeowners at 824 Marvin St. were celebrating their anniversary when they received the award. Kym said it was a very happy day. She said she was thrilled to win the award. The yard is peppered with perennials that were shared from her mother, Karen Steele’s yard. Kym said she was behind in her weeding due to attending a weeklong retreat at the Ann Arbor Zen Buddhist Temple. She plans on getting those weeds taken care right away so those passing by won’t wonder why she received the award.
An interesting yard decoration was found at the home of Sue Kuhnke. Between the driveway and front entranceway is a colorful bed of red roses, vinca vine and Black-eyed Susan that are planted in front of an artificial saquarto cactus. On the porch sets a charming twig armchair. A white blooming yucca plant is found near a lamp post.
The red, white and blue of the flag waving against the traditional white clapboard, two-story home at 401 North St. belongs to Suzanne Dugger. The large front porch has a seating area and the view is beautiful. Purple plum bushes, hostas and hydrangeas are found in a bed in the front yard. The yard is neatly manicured.
The Beautification Commission is responsible for the seasonal decorations along Main Street and other municipal areas. The garden club maintains beds at the Friend Hack House Museum and the Veterans Wall of Honor found at Wilson Park. Both organizations work hard to beautify the community and appreciate homeowners that do the same.
July winners are:
Milan Beautification Commission
Suzanne Dugger
401 North St
Jimmy & Kym Anderson
832 Marvin St.
Sue Kuhnke
217 Spink Ave.
Milan Garden Club
Jim and Marcia Rice
11850 Far Road
Kevin and Nancy Kittendorf
16579 Cone Road

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