Crime Watch 6/30-7/11

Milan Police Department Incident and Activity Summary for June 30 thru July 11, 2013

*Note this is for the last twelve days

This is a summary of incidents that the police department responded to over the last week. It is meant to provide a review of the type and variety of issues occurring in the community that the PD handled. It does not reflect every incident responded to, as some may be too sensitive to list on a document of this nature, while others are still under investigation. All names of complainants, suspects, and witnesses, as well as residential addresses have been omitted to insure privacy. In some cases the street name has also been left off.

General Notes and Definitions:

• CFS is the Call for Service or police incident number of the given case.

• The next number in line is the military time an incident occurred or was reported.

• Property checks include activities such as checking buildings; they also include checking residences when citizens ask for additional attention due to being out of town.

• Foot Patrols include activities where officers get out of their cars and walk downtown, in and around businesses, through neighborhoods, as well as at the schools.

• Community/public Relations include community or special events that officers work or participate in; they also include instances where an officer stops in at a business and checks in with the owner/employees, or touches base with citizens while conducting patrols in and around neighborhoods to talk, share information, or provide crime prevention tips.

• Medical/Fire Tally is the total of all EMS and Fire runs dispatched out of the Milan PD Dispatch Center each day. Since this is a Fire Authority and serves areas outside the city limits, the tally serves to reinforce the totality of Fire and EMS runs dispatched both inside and outside the city.

• Family Troubles/Domestics are incidents where the PD is called involving any number of disputes between spouses, ex-spouses, boyfriend/girlfriends, ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, custody disputes, as well as property disputes. In these cases, police investigation may not result in formal enforcement action, nonetheless the police are called upon to intervene, insure safety, keep the peace, and attempt to assist in providing solutions.

• Peace Keeping/Civil Matters/Miscellaneous Disputes are incidents that involve some sort of conflict that does not rise to the level of a crime, however the police are called to try and mitigate and/or resolve the issues, assist the disputants solve the underlying problems, stand by while property is removed, resolve neighbor problems, stand by during custody exchanges, or simply keep the peace between individuals that are arguing with one another.

• Background Checks are done for citizens requiring pre-employment fingerprints for criminal history checks, or they involve candidates for law enforcement positions undergoing background checks where the potential hiring agency is asking Milan PD to conduct records queries for contacts and/or police reports.

• Fingerprints are required when a subject who is wanted on an outstanding warrant appears in court; the court directs them to the PD for fingerprinting.

• Threats/Harassment Complaints include verbal threats, harassing/threatening text messages, and threatening/harassing telephone calls.

• Noise Complaints include any number or ordinance violations such as loud music, loud parties, construction noises, loud engines/exhausts, disturbing the peace, etc.

• Liquor Inspections are required by the State Liquor Control Commission. They involve inspecting establishments that sell alcohol to insure minors are not being served; individuals are not being over-served; licensing guidelines are being followed; and there are no disturbances, disorderly conduct or other illegal activities taking place.

• Traffic Arrests are arrests for drunk driving and license violations, such as Driving on a Suspended License, Driving Without a License in Possession; Operators License never Acquired.

• Emotional/Psychological Incidents are incidents where a subject is in emotional/psychological distress and as a result are a threat to harm themselves or someone else, and therefore require hospitalization for medical/psychological treatment/evaluation.

General Policing Activities for the Week:

Traffic Stops: 6
Park Checks: 22
Property Checks: 42
Community/Public Relations: 19
Foot Patrols: 6
Vehicle Lock-Outs: 3
Defective Equipment Citation Inspection Sign Offs: 1
Court Ordered Preliminary Breath Tests: 8
Gun Permits Processed:
Fingerprint Checks Processed: 4
Background Checks Processed: 6
Freedom of Information Requests Processed: 3
Milan Area Fire and EMS Dispatch Tally: 22

Extra Patrols at Schools: 4
Licensing Inspections at State Controlled Liquor Establishments: 1
Medical Runs Responded To: 10
Emotional/Psychological Incidents:

Upcoming Activities in Milan:

Concerts in the Park and Movies, Thursday Nights – see attachment

Milan Summer Fest, August 2 and 3rd – See Attachment

Fundraiser – Cancer Patient – See Attachment

Also, see attachment from Chamber on other Milan Activities.

Street Light Survey Completed – repair requests forwarded.

Incident Summaries:

Wednesday July 10

CFS #4436 2312 Dexter & E Lewis Odor Investigation
Sgt. Nieman was dispatched to the area for a report of a strong odor of propane. He sat in the area for a while and did not smell any propane.

CFS#4434 2232 North Suspicious
Ofc Chatell/Sgt Nieman responded to a report of a subject lying under a light pole who appeared intoxicated. Ofc’s made contact with the highly intoxicated subject, gave him a ride home, and turned him over to a family member.

CFS#4431 2033 Platt/W Main Reckless Driver
Sgt Nieman responded to above to check the area for an older white/grey Dodge that was reportedly driving recklessly south on Platt form W Main. Sgt checked area w/negative results.

CFS#4430 1936 Reagan/Pierce Dog Complaint
Sgt Nieman responded to above to meet with complainant regarding a large dog that almost attacked him. Complainant stated the dog was with some kids and was not on a leash when it started running after him. Ofc checked the area for the kids and the dog, but was unable to locate either. Complainant said he was not bitten; the dog just chased him for a short distance.

CFS#4429 1811 Dexter Bike Patrols
Ofc Heams was out at above (Dexter Plaza) on bike patrols; no problems observed

CFS#4427 1735 Kennedy/Arkona Bike Patrols
Ofc Heams was out at above (all throughout Uptown Village) on bike patrol; no problems observed.

CFS#4426 1623 Wabash Assist MAFD
Sgt Couture responded to above to assist MAFD on a reported fire alarm called in by the alarm company. Ofc arrived on scene to find burned food in the toaster; MAFD was cancelled.

CFS#4424 1422 Riverbend Smoke Alarm
Sgt Couture responded to assist MAFD on a smoke alarm. There was no fire, but a lot of smoke from a careless cook.

CFS#4423 1349 MPD Liquor License Application
Chief Scherlinck did the background for a special license for a beer tent during Summer Fest.

CFS#4419 1028 Lauff Private Property Crash
Private property crash report taken; no injuries.

CFS#4418 0914 Dexter Credit Card Fraud
Sgt Couture took a report of a credit card being used fraudulently at a local business. The card owner had her purse stolen in another jurisdiction.

CFS#4417 0855 MIPD VIN Inspection
VIN inspection completed for subject on a 2006 KTM motorcycle.

CFS #4411 0111 223 S Platt Park Check/Suspicious Person
While conducting a park check, Ofc Chatell observed a female sitting under the pavilion w/several empty cans of beer. She advised she was there with her boyfriend, but she didn’t know his last name. She stated he had gone off into the woods to relieve himself and had not returned. She was sent on her way.

Tuesday July 9

CFS#4409 2212 S Platt Larceny from Auto
Ofc Chatell responded to a report that someone entered complainant’s vehicle and stole his cell phone while he was at work.

CFS#4408 2159 MIPD Special Detail
Ofc Chatell conducted a simulator test for drunk driving enforcement.

CFS#4406 2121 Dexter Suspicious Person
Ofc Chatell responded to the area looking for a male reportedly loitering in the parking lot. Caller stated subject was wearing a white shirt, dark shorts, and no shoes. Subject was located and stated he was in the area for work, was staying at a local hotel, and was heading back to his room; no problems.

CFS#4402 1129 MIPD Civil Matter
Sgt Couture met with subject in the PD lobby reference a family member cashing checks from another family member’s account.

CFS#4401 0722 Domestic/Civil
Sgt Couture responded to a report of a possible domestic. Upon arrival, the Sgt did not hear anything from outside the door. Ofc knocked on the door several times and got no answer. A neighbor advised he had been up for about 45 minutes and had not heard anything.

Monday July 8

CFS#4397 2312 County Suspicious Persons
Ofc Walters responded to the business on a report of a suspicious vehicle and persons in the driveway. Ofc made contact w/subjects and learned the car had broken down; the driver had friends there to help him.

CFS#4394 2100 Neckel Suspicious Incident
Ofc Walters/Sgt Nieman responded to the Community House for suspicious noises coming from the second floor. Ofc’s checked the building inside and out and found it secure.

CFS#4393 1829 S Platt Noise Complaint
Sgt Butler responded to a report of loud music. Sgt stood by in area and was unable to hear any type of loud noise coming from the location.

CFS#4392 1647 Redman Disorderly
Sgt Couture responded to a report of subjects arguing at the business. Ofc made contact with all parties who were arguing about a purchase; Sgt calmed the situation.

CFS#4389 1345 Neighbor Trouble/Civil
Sgt Couture took a complaint regarding a property dispute between neighbors over property lines.

CFS#4387 1033 MPD Citizen Assist
Sgt Couture took a report from complainant who came into the station to report a larceny of gas. Subject advised he filled his vehicle up on Saturday and had not driven it since. Subject stated as he was driving this morning his low fuel light came on and the gauge showed empty. He initially thought someone had stolen about 25 gallons of gas; however when he left the PD, he noticed the gauge went up to full. Follow-up revealed a fuel gauge malfunction.

Sunday July 7

CSF#4382 2235 Welfare Check
Ofc Walters and Sgt Butler responded to a report of a subject who may be in distress, in need of medical assistance, and enroute to a location in another city. While responding, the officers were advised the subject had returned home. They stopped by and he was reportedly not in need of any assistance.

CFS#4379 2117 Civil Problem
Complainant reported a possible custody violation.

CFS#4376 1424 Canfield Suspicious Vehicle
Ofc Chatell responded to a report of a suspicious brown Taurus in the parking lot. Ofc checked vehicle which was unoccupied; no one around – nothing appeared out of order.

CFS#4369 -71 1026 Gay/Ferman Parking Violation
While on patrol Ofc Chatell checked on several parking violations.

CFS#4367 0915 W Main/Railroad Assist MAFD
Ofc Chatell responded to above to assist MAFD on a report of natural gas in the area. MAFD detected natural gas coming from a drain. DTE was contacted and stated they would be out to repair the leak.

Saturday July 6

CFS#4358 2212 Goldfinch Fireworks Complaint
Ofc Walters responded to the area for a report of fireworks going off. Ofc checked the area; all was quiet.

CFS#4357 2146 Wabash/Redman Suspicious Vehicle
Ofc Walters/Sgt Butler responded to area to check for an older model black Dodge Dakota with arrowheads on their back windows that was driving and shining a green laser at other drivers. Ofc’s checked the area with negative results.

CFS#4356 2138 W Lewis Fireworks Complaint
While on patrol Ofc Walters observed fireworks going off in area. Ofc made contact with subjects at the address in question, explained the fireworks ordinance, and gave them a warning.

CFS#4355 1648 Citizen Assist
Sgt Couture responded to speak with complainant regarding her rent money missing from her home. Sgt determined that there was no forced entry into the home. Complainant stated she did not hear or see anyone. Complainant called back later to advise she found the money and had just misplaced it.

CFS#4354 1548 Allen/King Fisher Welfare Check
Sgt Couture responded to a report of juveniles playing on a large dirt mound next to the foundation where a new house was under construction. Sgt located the juveniles and advised them to stay off the piles so they would not get hurt.

Tornado Test Conducted – all functioned properly

CFS#4351 1124 Custody Issue
Sgt Couture met with complainant regarding a custody dispute.

CFS#4349 1113 Custody Issue
Sgt Couture met with complainant who wanted documentation re a custody dispute involving visitation.

CFS#4348 0918 Truman Loop 911 Hang Up
Sgt Couture responded to a 911 hang up; no problems found

CFS#4347 0818 RR Track/W Main DTE Odor Investigation
Sgt Couture responded to a report of the smell of gas. DTE was called to the scene.

CFS #4340 0216 York & E Second Suspicious Persons
While on patrol, Sgt Butler and Res McLaughlin observed 3 subjects standing at the corner. When the officers turned their car around to investigate, the subjects were gone. The area was checked w/negative results.

CFS #4337 2347 Second St Suspicious Vehicle
Officers were dispatched for a report of a white P/U parked in the complainant’s driveway making a bunch of noise. Vehicle was gone upon officers’ arrival; nothing appeared amiss.

CFS #4336 2248 Disturbance/Civil
Sgt Butler and Res. McLaughlin were dispatched for a report of a possible domestic. They made contact with a subject at the scene who advised there had been an argument, however one of the involved parties had already departed; no assault reported/no further issues.

Friday July 5

CFS3435 2151 Lewis/Primrose Suspicious Vehicle
Sgt Butler/Res McLaughlin responded to the area for a light blue Nissan SUV that was seen driving and throwing fireworks out the window at people. Ofc’s checked the area; the vehicle was gone.

CFS#4334 2139 Dexter Suspicious Persons
Sgt Butler/Res McLaughlin responded to check area for 2 males, one wearing a light colored blue shirt and other subject wearing a hat. Subjects were seen walking behind the hotel and caller thought they looked suspicious. Ofc’s checked the area. The subjects were gone; nothing appeared amiss.

CFS#4333 2101 Lafayette Animal Welfare Check
Sgt Butler/Res McLaughlin responded to a report that two dogs had been locked up in separate dog kennels in rear yard while the residents were gone. Sgt Butler following up w/residents.

CFS#4332 1847 Assist Citizen
Sgt Butler/Res McLaughlin met with subject regarding trouble he was having with his young son. Sgt counseled both and attempted to resolve the issue.

CFS#4331 1747 E Main/Gay Reckless Driver
Sgt Butler/Res McLaughlin responded to a report of a vehicle driving recklessly. Caller stated it was a burgundy Chevy. Ofcs checked area; the vehicle was gone.

CFS#4330 1732 Larceny from Building/Joyriding
Sgt Butler met with subject in PD lobby reference an associate who was with him while he was at work working on a car. Subject’s associate apparently stole a key to a company car and a folding pocket knife. Complainant was notified by another employee of the company that the spare key to the company car was missing. Complainant located the spare key and knife in the associate’s backpack at a residence outside of
the city. It was also discovered that an unknown person, possibly the complainant’s associate, had driven approximately 180 miles on the company car w/out permission. The car had since been returned to the company parking lot.

CFS#4329 1535 Primrose Alarm
Sgt Couture responded to a burglar alarm called in by ADT. Sgt Couture checked the house which appeared secure. Dispatch and ADT attempted to contact a key holder but were unable to reach one.

CFS#4328 1344 Harassing Call and Possible Larceny
Sgt Couture met with complainant in the PD lobby reference a call she received that she found harassing, as well as a missing lawn sign that may have been related to the call.

CFS#4327 1157 Threats Complaint
Sgt Couture took a threats complaint from a subject who reported it may be related to a police report the subject filed several days prior.

CFS#4325 1011 Allen 911 Hang up
Sgt Couture responded to a 911 hang up. Dispatch tried to call the number back but no one answered. Ofc made contact with a resident and was advised it was accidental.

CFS#4324 1011 MIPD Warrant Arrest
Sgt Couture met with Lenawee Co and picked up subject on an outstanding Milan PD warrant for misdemeanor B&E Auto.

CFS #4319 0140 Noise Complaint
Ofcs Terrill & Chatell were sent for a report of loud music. They made contact with the subject, who agreed to turn it down.

Thursday July 4

CFS#4313 2214 County/Dexter Found Dog
Ofc Chatell met with complainant reference a large dog he found. Dog was taken and kept at PD until the owner was located. She came to pick it up.

CFS#4310 2105 Allen Burning Violation
While on patrol Ofc Terrill/Res Shehan observed a burning violation. Ofcs advised homeowner of the ordinance and they said they would extinguish it for the night.

CFS#4309 2032 35 Neckel Special Detail
Ofc Terrill/Res Shehan delivered council packets.

CFS#4307 1908 35 Neckel Assist Medical
Subject came into PD requesting medical assistance for their 14 month old that was burned on the hand by a sparkler. HVA responded and rendered treatment.

CFS#4299 1530 Dexter Found Property
Sgt Couture responded to meet with business manager reference a found wallet. The wallet was brought back to PD. Dispatch made contact with the owner’s father who said he will have his son come and pick up the wallet.

CFS#4297 1245 Platt & Greentree Welfare Check
Subject reported a woman and a young child near the intersection who appeared to be homeless. Complainant stated they asked for a place to stay. Sgt Couture checked the area; they were gone.

CFS#4296 1128 Lauff Private Property Crash
Subject driving a GMC Sierra backed into a parked car in the parking lot; no injuries and only minor damage. Sgt Couture handled.

CFS#4294 0713 Lauff Noise Complaint
Sgt Couture responded to a noise complaint. Sgt Couture stood by for a while and heard nothing out of the ordinary.

CFS #4293 0442 Main Health & Safety
Ofc. Chatell responded to assist a woman with a bat in her home.

CFS #4290 0137 S Platt Rd Possession of Drugs
Ofc Chattel located a subject in possession of marijuana and paraphernalia; report completed by Ofc Chatell.

CFS #4289 0016 S Platt Rd Felony Warrant Arrest
Ofc Chatell located a subject with outstanding arrest warrants out of our department for Possession of Heroin, Possession of Cocaine, Providing False ID to a Police Officer, and Driving on a Suspended License. He was arrested and TOT WCJ.

Wednesday July 3

CFS #4288 2346 Assist Medical
Ofcs Chatell & Walters were dispatched with HVA/MAFD for a report of a possible heroin overdose; subject was transported to the hospital.

CFS#4286 2056 Hurd St Larceny
Ofc Chatell responded to a report that someone took complainant’s Xbox 360, 2 controllers, and 2 games out of her home.

CFS#4285 1651 Domestic Assault
Ofc Walters took a report of an assault between family members; one subject reportedly under the influence of drugs. Under investigation.

CFS#4284 1954 Assist Medical
Ofc Walters responded to a report of an apparently naked female walking down the street. Ofc made contact with subject and learned she had taken heroin. She was transported to hospital.

CFS#4282 1930 S Platt Juvenile Mischief
Ofc Walters responded to Nature Park reference a report that several kids in the park were setting off fireworks that were landing on the roof of the pavilion.

CFS#4281 1842 Lauff Noise Complaint
Ofc Walters responded to a noise complaint. Ofc spoke to the responsible parties who advised they’d keep it quiet for the rest of the night.

CFS#4279 1810 Argyle Ct Dog at Large
Ofc Walters responded to the area for a dog at large. The owner of the dog was located and retrieved it.

CFS#4277 1740 Goldfinch/Barn Swallow Reckless Driving Complaint
Ofc Walters responded to the area for a report of a red pick-up truck speeding thru the sub. Ofc made contact with the subject who stated that he wasn’t speeding, but his truck is loud. He stated he was moving from the area, so it shouldn’t be an issue in the future.

CFS#4275 1443 Bodley Cres Fireworks Complaint
Ofc Terrill responded to a fireworks complaint. Caller stated young children were outside who were shooting bottle rockets. Caller was afraid they were going to land on someone’s roof and be a fire hazard. Ofc checked area and was not able to locate anyone setting off fireworks.

CFS#4273 1126 Division/Wabash Suspicious Person
Ofc Terrill responded to a report of a male wearing a white shirt and black pants that was waving money at passing cars. Caller thought the subject possibly might be looking for a ride, but wasn’t sure. Ofc checked area; the subject was gone.

CFS#4270 0845 89 Wabash Larceny
Ofc Terrill took a report reference 6 flowers/plants that were taken from the Veteran’s Wall and also from the library.

CFS #4265/4266 0405 35 Neckel Ct Warrant Arrests
Ofc Chatell completed court canceled warrant reports for two subjects that the court advised had appeared on outstanding Milan PD warrants.

CFS #4260 4260 Obrian Suspicious Incident/Building Check
While on patrol, Ofc Chatell observed a garage door open and the garage light blinking. He made contact with the homeowner, who discovered an object blocking the sensor, which caused the door to stay open and the light to blink. No problems.

CFS #4258 0054 Greentree Harassing TX
Harassing text report taken. The dispute began over Facebook comments. Ofc Chatell made contact with both parties and advised them to stop contacting each other.

Tuesday July 2

CFS #4255 2335 Blue Bird Ln Barking Dog
Sgt Butler responded for a report of a barking dog. He made contact with the owner, who took the dog inside.

CFS#4254 2123 MIPD Special Detail
Ofc Chatell conducted a test on the drunk driving simulator.

CFS#4251 1837 York/Elm Juvenile Mischief
Sgt Butler responded to the area in reference to two male juveniles “taunting” the caller after she said something to them about bothering her grandkids while playing basketball.

CFS#4250 1809 W Main False Alarm
Sgt Butler was dispatched to an alarm; the alarm was false.

CFS#4249 1733 MIPD Citizen Assist
Sgt Butler met with subject regarding questions about a written warning he received for an equipment violation.

CFS# 4244 725 Kay St 911 Hang Up
Officer Walters responded to a 911 hang up call. On call back there was no answer. Home owner was contacted and stated it appeared to have been an accidental call through computer.

Monday July 1

CFS#4233 1924 Noise Complaint
Sgt. Butler responded to a loud music complaint.

CFS#4231 1700 County Motorist assist
Ofc Terrill came upon a vehicle stalled in the roadway. Owner was assisted with removing it from the roadway.

CFS# 4229 0932 Roosevelt/Jackson Suspicious Vehicle
Officer Terrill checked out a report of suspicious silver SUV with a male parked and sitting in it. Officer made contact with the driver who advised he had pulled over to take a conference call

CFS# 4227 0742 Goldfinch/Sarah Lane Assist DPW
Officer Terrill advised that the stop sign and the street sign were down. DPW advised.

Sunday June 30

CFS#4222 2326 Domestic/Civil
Ofc Walters/Sgt Butler responded to a report of a child acting out.

CFS#4221 2241 S Platt Noise Complaint
Ofc Walters was on patrol when he noticed fireworks going off. Ofc made contact with several people and they were advised about the fireworks law.

CFS#4220 2132 Lauff Noise Complaint
Ofc Walters/Sgt Butler responded to a report of loud music. Ofc made contact with the responsible party who stated she was going to bed for the night. No loud music was heard.

CFS#4218 2109 Ann Marie Alarm
Sgt Butler responded to a burglary alarm. Sgt checked the residence, which appeared secure.

CFS#4217 2109 Argyle Ct Suspicious Persons
Ofc Walters/ Sgt Butler responded to a report of an older model gold Malibu that was occupied by a male who appeared to be smoking something. Ofc’s made contact with subject who stated he was just waiting in his car for someone; nothing amiss.

CFS#4216 2014 Custody Issue
Sgt Butler met with complainant regarding a custody dispute.

CFS#4215 1814 County Animal Welfare Check
Sgt Butler responded to meet with complainant regarding a dog that was left in a vehicle for several hours. Sgt checked the vehicle. The windows were partially open and the dog was not in distress. The Sgt did locate and advise the owner, who was inside a local establishment.

CFS#4208 1153 35 Neckel Ct Missing Teenager
Ofc Chatell took a missing report; subject later returned home and was ok.

CFS#4207 1131 W Main Traffic Altercation
Complainant called to report a female driver raced up to him while he was driving, yelled out the window, and then passed him in town at approx 35 mph. Vehicle last seen in the Platt/Main plaza. Ofc Chatell located the vehicle and driver. She denied the alleged behavior; she was warned.

CFS#4200 0316 E Main Alarm
Ofc Walters responded to an alarm. Ofc checked the business; all appeared secure.

CFS#4197 1239 Argyle Cres Suspicious Incident
Ofc Walters/Sgt Butler responded to meet with complainant after a family member reported hearing noises outside the window and in the bushes. Residence and area were checked; nothing amiss. Later follow-up indicated a raccoon possibly passing through.

CFS#4196 1219 Dexter Fireworks Complaint
Ofc Walters was dispatched to a fireworks complaint. Caller reported being able to see the fireworks, but could not see where they were coming from. Officer checked the area w/negative results.

CFS#4195 1211 Dexter Fireworks
While on patrol Ofc Walters observed several fireworks going off. Ofc checked area and was unable to locate where they were being launched from.

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