Crime Watch, 7/12 – 7/20

Milan Police Department Incident and Activity Summary for 7-12-13 thru 7-20-13

This is a summary of incidents that the police department responded to over the last week. It is meant to provide a review of the type and variety of issues occurring in the community that the PD handled. It does not reflect every incident responded to, as some may be too sensitive to list on a document of this nature, while others are still under investigation. All names of complainants, suspects, and witnesses, as well as residential addresses have been omitted to insure privacy. In some cases the street name has also been left off.

General Notes and Definitions:

• CFS is the Call for Service or police incident number of the given case.

• The next number in line is the military time an incident occurred or was reported.

• Property checks include activities such as checking buildings; they also include checking residences when citizens ask for additional attention due to being out of town.

• Foot Patrols include activities where officers get out of their cars and walk downtown, in and around businesses, through neighborhoods, as well as at the schools.

• Community/public Relations include community or special events that officers work or participate in; they also include instances where an officer stops in at a business and checks in with the owner/employees, or touches base with citizens while conducting patrols in and around neighborhoods to talk, share information, or provide crime prevention tips.

• Medical/Fire Tally is the total of all EMS and Fire runs dispatched out of the Milan PD Dispatch Center each day. Since this is a Fire Authority and serves areas outside the city limits, the tally serves to reinforce the totality of Fire and EMS runs dispatched both inside and outside the city.

• Family Troubles/Domestics are incidents where the PD is called involving any number of disputes between spouses, ex-spouses, boyfriend/girlfriends, ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, custody disputes, as well as property disputes. In these cases, police investigation may not result in formal enforcement action, nonetheless the police are called upon to intervene, insure safety, keep the peace, and attempt to assist in providing solutions.

• Peace Keeping/Civil Matters/Miscellaneous Disputes are incidents that involve some sort of conflict that does not rise to the level of a crime, however the police are called to try and mitigate and/or resolve the issues, assist the disputants solve the underlying problems, stand by while property is removed, resolve neighbor problems, stand by during custody exchanges, or simply keep the peace between individuals that are arguing with one another.

• Background Checks are done for citizens requiring pre-employment fingerprints for criminal history checks, or they involve candidates for law enforcement positions undergoing background checks where the potential hiring agency is asking Milan PD to conduct records queries for contacts and/or police reports.

• Fingerprints are required when a subject who is wanted on an outstanding warrant appears in court; the court directs them to the PD for fingerprinting.

• Threats/Harassment Complaints include verbal threats, harassing/threatening text messages, and threatening/harassing telephone calls.

• Noise Complaints include any number or ordinance violations such as loud music, loud parties, construction noises, loud engines/exhausts, disturbing the peace, etc.

• Liquor Inspections are required by the State Liquor Control Commission. They involve inspecting establishments that sell alcohol to insure minors are not being served; individuals are not being over-served; licensing guidelines are being followed; and there are no disturbances, disorderly conduct or other illegal activities taking place.

• Traffic Arrests are arrests for drunk driving and license violations, such as Driving on a Suspended License, Driving Without a License in Possession; Operators License never Acquired.

• Emotional/Psychological Incidents are incidents where a subject is in emotional/psychological distress and as a result are a threat to harm themselves or someone else, and therefore require hospitalization for medical/psychological treatment/evaluation.

General Policing Activities for the Week:

Traffic Stops: 12
Park Checks: 32
Property Checks: 35
Community/Public Relations: 19
Foot Patrols: 2
Vehicle Lock-Outs: 8
Defective Equipment Citation Inspection Sign Offs: 3
Court Ordered Preliminary Breath Tests: 3
Gun Permits Processed:
Fingerprint Checks Processed: 1
Background Checks Processed: 1
Freedom of Information Requests Processed:
Milan Area Fire and EMS Dispatch Tally: 36
Extra Patrols at Schools: 13
Licensing Inspections at State Controlled Liquor Establishments: 1
Medical Runs Responded To: 6
Emotional/Psychological Incidents: 1

Upcoming Activities in Milan:

Milan Summer Fest – August 2 and 3 – See Attachment

Fundraiser at the Legion – See Attachment

Milan Police Reserve Fund Raiser – See attachment

See attachment from Chamber on Milan Activities.

Street Light Survey Completed – repair requests forwarded.

Incident Summaries:

Saturday July 19

CFS#4673 1653 Second Parking Complaint
Ofc Burgos responded to a report of a vehicle blocking the complainant’s access to their property.

CFS#4672 1421 County/Dexter Assist MAFD
Ofc Burgos/Res Shehan responded to above to assist MAFD on a report of oil in the intersection. MAFD put down some oil dry and cleaned it up.

CFS#4671 1354 W Main Animal Welfare
Ofc Burgos/Res Shehan responded to check on a dog. Caller stated that dog was locked in a vehicle with all the windows up. Ofc located the vehicle and dog. Temps were 85 degrees outside. Ofc found the passenger side front window was rolled down approx. 3-4 inches, however the dog was panting and breathing rapidly. While attempting to open the car to give the dog some relief, the owner came out. She was given a warning.

CFS#4669 1224 35 Neckel Special Detail
Ofc Burgos/Res Shehan delivered Council Packets.

CFS#4667 1059 E Main St Hit and Run Crash
Ofc Burgos/Res Shehan responded to meet with complainant regarding a black Ford pickup that backed into his vehicle and fled. Ofc took report.

CFS#4666 0538 E Main St Structure Fire
Ofc Walters was dispatched w/ MAFD for a structure fire. HVA and Red Cross responded along with DTE. The initial calls came in as the smell of smoke in the area. Ofc Walters began searching for the fire, located it
in an apartment building, and immediately began evacuating occupants, most of whom were asleep. The fire was contained to the second floor ceiling/attic areas. Dundee and Pittsfield Fire Departments also assisted. There were no injuries. On scene investigation determined there was nothing suspicious about the fire.

Residents were able to recover personnel effects once the scene was secured, however will not be able to return until repairs are made, which are already underway.

CFS #4663 0012 Crowe & Bobwhite Crash
Ofc Walters & Sgt Butler was dispatched for report of a possible car vs. tree crash in the area. Upon arrival, it was determined that the crash occurred outside the city. Officers stood by while MAFD worked on clearing the tree and the county arrived for the crash.

Friday July 18

CFS #4662 2328 Dispute/Civil Matter
Ofc Walters & Sgt Butler were dispatched for a dispute. Investigation determined it was verbal only/no assault. Parties agreed to get along the rest of the night.

CFS#4661 2325 Neckel Alarm
Sgt Butler responded to a report of an alarm going off near the building. Ofc located the alarm which was a smoke detector in the dumpster next to the building. The alarm seemed to be going off due to low batteries.

CFS#4660 2159 Wabash/Division Traffic Hazard
Ofc Walters responded to above for a report of a large tree down blocking the road. DPW was contacted and Ofc stood by for traffic control until they arrived.

CFS#4658 2139 E Main Alarm
Sgt Butler responded to a reported burglary alarm coming from the garage. Sgt checked building which was all secure and key holder was contacted. Problem was caused possibly by bad weather in the area, which was creating power problems.

CFS #4657 2134 200 Big Red Alarm
Ofc Walters assisted MAFD w/ a fire alarm at MHS; no problems detected – false alarm.

CFS #4655 2112 Allen Rd 202
Ofc Walters dispatched for a possible breaking and entering complaint at
an abandoned trailer. Investigation revealed no evidence of a break-in. Trailer was secured.

CFS #4654 2030 45 Neckel Ct Private Property Damage Crash
Sgt Butler took a PP PDC report at the Senior Center; no injuries.

CFS#4653 2021 Wabash Suspicious Persons
Sgt Butler responded to a report of juveniles in the pavilion at the park after hours. Ofc made contact with subjects who advised they would be leaving.

CFS#4652 2007 E Main Alarm
Sgt Butler responded to a reported burglary alarm coming from the garage. Sgt checked building which appeared secure; a key holder was notified.

CFS#4651 2003 E Main Traffic Hazard
Sgt Butler was out for a tree limb in the roadway. Limb was removed.

CFS#4650 1908 Personal Protection Order
Sgt Butler met with complainant regarding a possible PPO violation; review of the PPO indicated there was no violation.

CFS#4648 1843 North Larceny
Sgt Butler responded to a report that a set of golf clubs and luggage were taken from complainant’s front yard. Complainant stated she took the items outside to load into the car and went inside for just a few minutes. When she came back out, they were gone.

CFS#4647 1832 35 Neckel Custody Issue
Sgt Butler met with complainant in PD lobby reference a custody dispute.

CFS#4645 1711 Dexter Alarm
Sgt Butler responded to a report of a burglary alarm. Dispatch made contact with building rep. Sgt checked the building; it was secure.

CFS#4641 1001 E Second/Marvin Welfare Check
Ofc Burgos responded to a report of an elderly male walking in area wearing a thick coat. Caller was concerned due to the hot conditions outside. Ofc checked the area with negative results.

CFS#4640 0840 Missing Person
Ofc Burgos responded to a report that a patient walked away from a foster home. Patient appeared to have walked away the evening prior, between 8pm-9pm. Patient was found in the park by Ofc Burgos and returned home unharmed.

CFS #4638 0027 Ann Marie Alarm
ADT called to report a garage burglary alarm. Ofc Walters checked the interior & exterior of the home with the homeowner. All secure/false alarm.

Thursday July 17

CFS #4637 2345 Dexter & Spink Poss. Of Marijuana
While on a traffic stop, Ofc Walters detected the odor of marijuana coming from inside the car. Upon investigating, marijuana was found in a prescription bottle, as well in a freshly packed pipe. The driver was arrested for possession. He was released pending charges.

CFS#4635 2229 County/Marvin Traffic Complaint
Ofc Walters responded to above for a report of a tan Chevy truck driving recklessly. Ofc was able to locate and stop that vehicle at above location. Subjects were given a warning.

CFS#4634 2224 Wabash/Neckel Disorderly Conduct
Ofc Walters was out with subjects who were causing a disturbance near the park during the movie. Subjects were talked to by Ofc and assured him they wouldn’t be causing any further problems.

CFS#4630 2121 Lauff Barking Dog
Ofc Walters responded to a report of a barking dog. Ofc checked and attempted to make contact with subjects in the residence, but got no answer. Ofc did not hear any dog barking while he stood by.

CFS#4628 1908 Lauff Barking Dog
Sgt Nieman responded to a report of a dog barking. Ofc was unable to make contact w/anyone at the residence; the dog was not barking while he was on site.

CFS#4627 1856 W Main Alarm
Sgt Nieman responded to an alarm. Sgt checked building which appeared secure. Dispatch made contact with business owner.

CFS#4625 1713 89 Wabash Special Detail
Ofc Heams was out at above for the car show in the park.

CFS#4624 1648 Civil Standby
Ofc Terrill met with subject for a civil standby involving a custody pick-up order.

CFS#4623 1617 Dexter Stolen Car
Ofc Terrill met with complainant about a vehicle that had not been returned. Employee had signed out a car and never returned it. Vehicle was eventually recovered in another jurisdiction.

CFS#4622 1522 E Michigan/Dexter Loose Dog
Ofc Heams responded to above area for a report of a white medium sized dog running loose. Ofc checked area w/negative results.

CFS#4618 1341 35 Neckel Special Detail
Ofc Heams was out at PD for Safety Town program with kids.

CFS#4617 0943 Jefferson Ln Alarm
Ofc Terrill responded to a burglary alarm. The residence was secure and the homeowner was contacted via TX.

CFS #4610 0020 Jefferson Ln Larceny of Bike
Sgt. Butler took a larceny report of a 2 week old, black 26” Mongoose mountain bike, which was parked outside of the above venue.

Wednesday July 17

CFS#4607 1811 S Platt Alarm
OFC Heams responded to an alarm at a business. Dispatch made telephone contact with an employee, who advised they were having alarm trouble. OFC Heams arrived and confirmed the information. The employees on scene were attempting to contact someone to reset it.

CFS#4606 1750 Platt/200 Big Red Dr Bike Patrols
OFC Heams patrolled Symons and MHS.

CFS#4605 1734 Riverbend Bike Patrol
OFC Heams provided extra patrol at the Milan Commons.

CFS#4604 1556 Dexter MDOP
Restaurant manager reported discovering that someone put rocks on the duct work on top of the roof damaging them. OFC Terrill took the report.

CFS#4603 1556 Faith/Goldfinch Bike Patrols
OFC Heams extra patrolled Eagle Springs.

CFS#4602 1504 Allen Bike Patrols
OFC Heams patrolled the trailer park.

CFS#4601 1428 Dexter Private Property Damage Crash
Unoccupied P/U truck rolled from its parking spot behind the building and came to rest against the gas tank vent lines on the west side of the property. Driver left the vehicle running while inside checking on repairs. Driver thought the truck was left in park. No major damage. OFC Terrill took the report.

CFS# 4596 1030 Wabash / Redman Dispute
Officer Terrill was dispatched to the area of Wabash and Redman where a reported heated argument was occurring between a truck driver and another unidentified male. Management at the business advised the subject in question departed prior to the officer’s arrival; no assault reported.

CFS# 4593 839 Squires Animal Complaint
The complainant called the department after finding a female Pit Bull, brown, with white markings, no collar or tags, running loose in the area. The dog was transported to the Milan Police Department and held until Animal Control picked it up.

CFS #4585 0050 York Suspicious Persons
Complainant called to report there were 3 females in shorts and a male in all black clothing running around the

neighborhood. She did not know what they were doing, however they had set her motion detector off. Ofc Burgos checked the area; they were gone.

Tuesday July 16

CFS #4584 2317 Arkona & Meadowbrook Traffic Altercation
Officer met complainant at the station who reported being tailgated by a blue Chrysler on Arkona Rd. Complainant reported the vehicle eventually passed, but when it came to the stop sign at Platt, a male wearing jean
shorts exited the car and started yelling at her. The plate that was provided came back NO RECORD, however Ofc Burgos checked the area and located a vehicle that matched the description in a parking lot. Follow-up pending.

CFS#4581 1921 MIPD Warrant Arrest
Sgt Nieman met with MCSD who dropped off a subject they had arrested on an outstanding Milan PD warrant for Driving on a Suspended License. Ofc Burgos booked and transported the subject to the WCJ for lodging.

CFS#4580 1725 Suspicious Incident
Ofc Terrill made contact with complainant reference a little boy running on her porch and a vehicle pulling up and grabbing him. Plate was obtained and Ofc was able to confirm it was the youth’s parents; nothing amiss.

CFS#4578 1520 MIPD General Assist
Ofc Terrill met with subject in the lobby to discuss some criminal charges that had been filed against him. Ofc explained how the system worked and what to expect when he went to court.

CFS#4568 0524 Canfield Suspicious Incident
Sgt Butler responded to a stolen vehicle report. Sgt met with complainant who stated that her Ford Escape was missing from the lot of the residence. She stated that the vehicle was paid off. Sgt could not locate any broken glass in the lot. Complainant stated she had the only two sets of keys for the vehicle and both were still in her possession. Shortly thereafter, she contacted the PD and reported finding it in the Wabash Street parking lot w/the door standing open. Sgt responded and did not detect any signs of damage to the ignition, doors, or windows.

CFS#4565 0046 W Main/S Platt Suspicious Persons
Sgt Butler checked on a couple subjects he noticed sitting on the bench in the Plaza; no problems found.

Monday July 15

CFS#4557 1807 Hurd Suspicious Incident
Ofc Heams met with subject in the PD lobby reference mail that belonged to her that was opened when she took it out of the mailbox. Subject was concerned because her personal information was contained in the piece of mail in question and wanted it documented in case something was to come up.

CFS#4556 1715 First Assist MAFD
Ofc Burgos/Ofc Heams responded to assist MAFD for a reported house fire. Ofcs/MAFD arrived to find it was an electrical malfunction involving the microwave and the small fire was already out.

CFS#4555 1610 W Main/Platt Traffic Complaint
Ofc Burgos responded to a report of a reckless driver in the area. Ofc made contact with subject in his car at the gas station. Subject admitted having a couple drinks earlier in the day. He agreed to call a family member who came and picked him up.

CFS#4554 1511 Domestic Disturbance
Ofcs Burgos/Heams responded to a report of a domestic in progress. Ofcs made contact with subjects and were advised it was a verbal altercation between family members. Ofc’s separated the parties involved. Everyone cooled down and said there will be no further problems; no assault reported/verbal only.

CFS#4553 1425 Allen Road Hazard
Ofc Burgos was out for a limb reportedly hanging low over the road. DPW was contacted and advised of the situation.

CFS#4546 0845 Squires Civil
Officer Burgos dispatched to a facility regarding a report of trouble with customers who were moving property. Apparently they were throwing items over a fence. When business owner confronted them, he advised one of the subjects became threatening. Ofc spoke to the four subjects who apologized for their actions and stated that they had been there working hard for some time and were just upset due to working in the heat. They agreed to clean up.

Sunday July 14

CFS#4534 1425 Neighbor Trouble
Ofc Burgos responded to an ongoing neighbor trouble.

CFS#4532 1417 Allen/Wabash Traffic Hazard
Norfolk Southern was notified by Dispatch of a red light dangling to the ground on an RR arm on Allen Road. NS said they would have someone repair it ASAP.

CFS #4524 0008 Lee St Suspicious Person
Sgt Butler & Ofc Walters were dispatched to the area for a report of an unknown person walking through the backyard. The person, only described as a male, was last seen walking NB toward Spink St. Ofcs checked the area and did not observe anyone out on foot.

Saturday July 13

CFS#4520 2123 North/Honeysuckle Assist MAFD
Ofc Walters responded to above area to assist MAFD on an unknown fire. Caller reported seeing large amounts of smoke in the area. Ofc/MAFD made contact with homeowner who was having a large bon fire. Subjects were briefed on the burning ordinance and given a warning. Homeowner extinguished the fire.

CFS#4518 1755 Kennedy/Reagan Bike Patrols
Ofc Heams was out at above to extra patrol the Uptown Village subdivision. No problems observed.

CFS#4517 1746 North/Poppy Bike Patrols
Ofc Heams was out at above for extra patrol throughout the Meadowbrook subdivision. No problems observed.

CFS#4512 1356 Eagle Springs Bike Patrols
Ofc Heams patrolled the Eagle Springs Sub.

CFS#4510 1303 Allen Bike Patrols
Ofc Heams patrolled the Millrace Shores Mobile Home Park.

CFS#4509 1251 W Main Juvenile
Ofc Heams responded to a report of a 12-14 year old male on a silver BMX almost hitting a pedestrian on the sidewalk. When the pedestrian told the youth they were supposed to walk their bike, the youth reportedly responded negatively. Ofc Heams checked the area, but was unable to locate the youth.

CFS#4508 1126 Neighbor Trouble
Complainant reported neighbor coming over and accusing his children of damaging her property.

CFS#4507 1011 Ferman Parking
Area establishment asked for assistance in contacting two vehicle owners who were parked in their lot. PD made contact with the vehicle owners and vehicles were moved.

CFS#4506 0944 Wabash Larceny
Complaint reported a chain saw missing from garage.

CFS #4504 0125 Medical
Ofc. Chatell & Walters were dispatched to meet with subject who was highly intoxicated and wanted to go the hospital. He was transported to St Joes by HVA.

CFS #4502 0035 Main Citizen Assist
Ofcs Walters & Chatell were dispatched to assist a woman with a bat in her home.

Friday July 12

CFS#4498 2255 Dexter Suspicious Person
Ofcs Walters/Chatell responded to above to check for a W/M wearing a black hoodie in a silver car that possibly was involved in a purse snatching. Call came in 3rd hand through Pittsfield PD. They asked us to check area for the subject. The area was checked and the subject was not located.

CFS#4493 1551 North/Morning Glory Bike Patrols
Ofc Heams was out at above for extra patrol throughout the Meadowbrook subdivision. No problems observed.

CFS#4492 1544 Dexter Bike Patrols
Ofc Heams was out at a business on extra patrol. No problems observed.

CFS#4491 1538 Dexter Suspicious Incident
Ofc Heams responded to the area to check for a silver Pontiac Grand Prix; the driver reportedly appeared under the influence. Ofc checked area and was not able to locate any vehicles matching that description.

CFS#4490 1458 Miller/Marvin Found Property
Ofc Burgos took a found property report. Keys were brought into the PD that were found at above location. Dispatch was able to track down owner. Ofc called subject who stated they would be in to pick up the keys.

CFS#4489 1445 W Michigan Attempt Home Invasion
Ofc Burgos responded to meet with complainant who reported he just arrived home and it looked like someone tried to break into his house. It appeared there were tool marks scratched into the door frame and that someone may have tried to gain entry, but the dead bolt on the door prevented it. Ofc took report.

CFS#4487 1325 Civil Dispute
Ofc Burgos responded to an on-going civil matter involving a property dispute.

CFS#4482 1132 Church St Animal Complaint
Officer Burgos took a complaint of a dog running at large. Owner was given a warning.

CFS#4480 1020 E Braman 48 Hr Parking Violation
Officer Burgos tagged a Ford Ranger pickup that had been parked and not moved for a couple of days.

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