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Eagle Honors SPECIALIST/E-4 DONNIE TOWNS Thank you for your service!

Veteran - Vet of the Month DONNIE TOWNS - photoDonnie Towns served 7 years in the Army/Michigan Army National Guard from 2005 to 2011.  During those years, he experienced war, serving in combat tour in 2008 at the time of Operation Iraqi Freedom in Ramadi, Iraq. He earned several medals including the Army Achievement Medal (AAM) Army Good Conduct Medal (AGM) Army Commendation Medal (ARCOM) Global War on Terrorism ribbon (GWOT) and the National Defense Service Ribbon.  He served as a fire team member in the infantry platoon of Bravo Co 1-125 INF. Upon discharge he was designated Specialist E-4.

When asked if his experience in the military was a positive one, he responded, “It was a positive experience for the most part; it taught me how to achieve goals both individually and with a team.  It provided the chance to build a lifelong brotherhood with other soldiers that I got the honor to serve next to on and off of the battlefield.  In life everything has its downs as well, mostly the being away from family and other close friends tends to bring you down. Luckily there are plenty of other “brothers” to help bring your morale back up.  I know before I was in, I was kind of a hellion and didn’t do very good growing up, so life long, I will have a better perspective in and on life in general.  You never really know what’s important to you and what really matters, until it’s taken away from you for long periods of time and I plan to take full advantage of what we have today, because who knows what you will have tomorrow.”  With those words of wisdom he was asked if he believed the military experience would benefit young people today, even in war times.  “Absolutely! Kids of today rely entirely too much on technology and mommy and daddy.  They don’t seem to have the same drive as kids used to, even when I was growing up.  The bond and pure work involved in the military, no matter the branch, is beneficial,” he said.

Donnie is the grandson of Rita Conde (the Conde’s are well known around Milan!).  He has a daughter, Maddyson Lynn who will soon be 4 years old.  He is currently in college working towards his BA and MA in Social Work.  When asked about his hobbies, he commented, “Well, I live in and love Northern Michigan and the out of doors and I also enjoy helping people out when and however I can.”  He is also very active for the veterans and their families.

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