Grandma Rorrer Shares Memories of 100 Years

By Dave Rorrer

Lurlene Cockram Rorrer celebrated her 100th birthday with family and friends in Milan.  She was born July 5, 1913 in Patrick County, VA.

She remembers growing up on the family farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Woolwine, Virginia, and how hard the family of 8 had to work together. Along with her brothers and sisters they picked berries, apples, pears, walnuts and kept the weeds out of the family garden.

The distinct smells of pine trees, honey suckle and the many flowers that her mother planted and when dad would take honey from the bees bring back memories.

Their drinking water was from the mountain fed spring that also served as their refrigeration and the water was so cold it would hurt your teeth when you drank it.

She remembers walking to school with her brothers and sisters, usually bare footed, they loved the feel of the ground and when they would walk through creeks of cool water.

Grandma says, “there’s so much to recall. God blessed me with the birth of two son, G. David Rorrer and Ronnie L. Rorrer , both live here in Milan, Mi.   I have been blessed to be the grandmother of 9 beautiful children and 21 great grand children I am thankful for my church family at Milan Baptist Church. God has truly blessed me these 100 years.”.

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