I have been itching to tell you.

I am amazed at the communication blitz that is blasting us country folks.  Internet based social programs like Facebook and Twitter are two common ones that are still viable.  I  use Facebook as a means to stay visible and relevant with long distance grandchildren. It is marvelous. I hope your grand children are almost as good looking and as intelligent as mine. With any population we all are familiar with the academic bell curve.  Bright is two standard deviations above the mean and the rest are above average.

Having brilliant off spring implies there are some sort of brains in the parents and grandparents. This leads me into what I have been seeing in emails and Facebook.  It seems it is somewhat like seventh grade where notes are passed back and forth during class.  I saw information being posted on Facebook as fact when at best it is speculation or lucky circumstances. The case I am thinking about involved Dawn dish soap, vinegar and a variable amount of water as a product to kill fleas. This may be effective to some degree.

Two things I ponder about.  First I have seen proponents of these type concoctions come in and ask for “some help with a flea problem”.  After selecting a product we go over life cycle of the flea. We explain the number of fleas on an animal is 5% of the total flea burden (problem).  Each adult female flea lays up to 50 eggs a day.  Anybody want to do the math on number of eggs laid from 10 adult female fleas in thirty days? And the answer is: fifteen thousand eggs.  Is anybody itching yet?  In a house or living quarters having multiple animals all need to be treated with a product licensed for use in cats or dogs. DO NOT apply a dog product to a cat. It will most likely have a product that will kill your cat. This is a horrible way to die.

The second thing I ponder is if this works so well why dish soap makers / manufacturers aren’t already selling a premade product.  Think how much more profit there would be if you could dilute a 709 ml (24oz) bottle to sell as a parasiticide. The bottle I am looking at has dishwashing on the front but is also labeled as antibacterial hand soap with triclosan 0.10 percent.  There are some byproducts that are not well tolerated by felines (phenols and dioxins).  This should not be used excessively and definitely not repeatedly on cats or dogs.

I know there are a few problems with products that are licensed and labeled for fleas and ticks. Individual sensitivity in treating for fleas and ticks is on a case by case level.  We understand about preventing and Ugh treating for fleas.

For more information about a specific case, consult your veterinarian. The outside of a pet is good for the inside of a human.

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