So… Justice Has Color?

Thinking in the context and outcome of the Zimmerman trial, I have to ask myself,  are we going to administrate justice in relation to the amount of skin  Melanin (substance that determine the color of the skin)?  During my past from law school at the Kennedy University in Buenos Aires I was told Justice is Blind.  I particularly remember the remarks of one of my professors of Criminal Justice, when he admonished us about the invasion of the concept and philosophy of subjective interpretation of the law.  Producing a loss of objectivity in the case, and it become a matter of interpretation in accord to social pressure, preference or ideology. He emphasized that this philosophy, was used by many dictatorial political systems to impose on the population fear and carry on a predetermined political agenda. The subjective interpretation cannot produce justice because it disregards the evidence.

The defensive team was capable to demonstrate that Mr. Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin in self defense, no evident of intent to kill or racism. Maybe you do not agree or you do not like the verdict, or you feel like I do for the parents of Trayvon.  I cannot image the loss of a child, the pain must be unbearable and there’s no consolation.  For sure the situation could have been avoided if Mr. Zimmerman had followed the recommendation of the 911 dispatcher of not to follow Trayvon.  Both individuals had the right to be there, Trayvon was in his father’s neighborhood; Zimmerman was performing his duty as a watchman. Undoubtedly what happened is an unfortunate incident where the life of a teenager was lost and the life of grown man was changed forever.

We in America have a judicial system that is one of the best in the world, a system where you are innocent until is proved that you are guilty. The court proved that Zimmerman was not guilty, but part of the media and some political or ethnic groups were condemning him because he is white. We cannot enter in the mind of Zimmerman to know if he profiled and killed Trayvon because he was black, if the court or somebody also assumed it, that is promoting subjective law. There are groups of people and some media that like to continue the stupid separation of people in races , by the way race does not exist.  We need to respect the law with objectivity we cannot impose on somebody the assumption that he killed because that person has a different color of skin. In the past black people were unjustly condemned only because they were black.  Are we reversing the history and saying he should been condemned because he is white and obviously he hates black people?  Zimmerman is a man that took a black lady to prom, mentored young black children in his community, where is the racism?  We need to stick to the evidence and what we can prove, Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman beating him, and his perception was his life was in danger and unfortunately he shot him.

Looking at what is going on in the country, protests in the streets, speechs from the so call leaders of the black communities that try to stir the racial division, so they keep their business going, even the comments of the President when he said “ Trayvon could been me 35 year ago”. President Obama trying to explain that the African American community knows what happen that night in relation to different attitudes against black people in the past. There you have it, subjective judgment, because black people receive injustice treatment in the past as the President says: “Is how the African American community interpreted what happened that night in Florida”.  Therefore Zimmerman should have been convicted, who cares about evidence.

Should I go and protest as a white person because when OJ Simpson was found not guilty, or protest for the intentional assassination of a white 13 month boy , shot in the face by two black teenagers. See the point here is the evidence not the color of the skin of the victim or the killer.

We need to stop the racial division in this country, only because race does not exist.  As long we keep classifying people in races we are going to have racism.        Race the only reason for racism.

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