We at the Milan Eagle hope all in our community are doing well during this crisis. We will all get through this together. In order to keep people safe and distanced we did not produce a Milan Eagle newspaper for April. Further months have not been determined as we want to adhere to state guidelines and protect the community. We appreciate all our advertisers and readers and look forward to serving everyone again.God bless.
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So… Justice Has Color?

Thinking in the context and outcome of the Zimmerman trial, I have to ask myself,  are we going to administrate justice in relation to the amount of skin  Melanin (substance that determine the color of the skin)?  During my past from law school at the Kennedy University in Buenos Aires I was told Justice is […]

August and the Heart of Summer

Police Chief  Gerard Scherlinck It’s August, and we find ourselves with summer quickly passing by.  At the beginning of the season, we paused to give tribute to all who have fallen protecting our nation in conjunction with National Memorial Day and Police Memorial Day ceremonies.  We noted the fact that close in conjunction to those […]

Beaver Island

Beaver Island

Possibly, Beaver Island in one the best keep secrets of Michigan and perhaps of the Country. Situated at 45.75 latitude N. and 85.50 longitude W., and 30 miles from the city of Charlevoix in Lake Michigan, the island is a paradise of natural beauty, and a rich history.  Surrounded by the waters of Lake Michigan, […]

Pixel – FMAR

Pixel – FMAR

Pretty as a picture and extra loving you’re sure to love Pixel. She adores people and her favorite hang-out is lounging on a willing lap getting ear scratches and pets. She isn’t the biggest fan of other cats but still might do ok in a home with a laid-back kitty that would mostly leave her […]

I have been itching to tell you.

I am amazed at the communication blitz that is blasting us country folks.  Internet based social programs like Facebook and Twitter are two common ones that are still viable.  I  use Facebook as a means to stay visible and relevant with long distance grandchildren. It is marvelous. I hope your grand children are almost as […]

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