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Thomas and Trace Linderman

Student Profile

Lindeman Brothers, Thomas and Trace
Photo by Balinda Zimmerman.
Lindeman Brothers, Thomas and Trace.

This month we break out of the norm and spotlight two students instead of one, and dropping the teachers spot for brevity.  We do this simply because these young men are brothers and many folks in town are discussing them and asking to know more.  They are the strong, the very athletic and very personable, Lindeman boys, Thomas and Trace.  Their mother, Tonya Lindeman played softball from age 5 to age 18 and their father, Tommy Lindeman earned himself an athletic scholarship to Penn State and Marshall University.  Circumstances were such that he did not attend but both he and Tonya certainly passed their athletic ability on to their boys.

Thomas Lindeman is a junior at Milan High who racked up quite a list of honors for himself in his short past.  In 2008, at11 years old his baseball team made it to the USSSA World Series (11U) and Thomas was named MVP of Defense.  In 2010 his 8th grade Football team in BelBuckle, Tennessee won the Duck River Youth Championship.  Upon moving to Milan in 2011 he was a freshman and earned a spot as quarterback of the Junior Varsity football team.  Just a few short months later he tried out for the baseball team and earned a spot as the first freshman to play for the Milan Big Reds Varsity Baseball team in the past ten years. He was a pitcher for the Big Reds in 2013 earning All District, All Region, All Monroe and All State as a sophomore.  All of this after having a hip surgery in March 2013 for an impingement- the bone was too big for the socket.  He was off just a few short weeks to heal before beginning his All State season of pitching.  Thomas Lindeman proved that he has the staying power to compete with the best of the best even in less than perfect physical shape.

Just 20 months behind Thomas is younger brother Trace.  Not to be outdone, Trace began his athletic endeavors in 2nd grade when his football team went undefeated and won the Duck River Youth Championship in BelBuckle, Tennessee. His team repeated the win in the 4th grade and once again in the 6th grade.  In 7th grade he was at Milan and his team went 4-2 loosing only to Jefferson and Romulus.  In 8th grade his team went 5-1 loosing to Jefferson after being up 26-6 at the half and the final score was 36-34 Jefferson.  Walking closely in his brothers footsteps Trace is the first freshman to be named to the Varsity football team since 1994. He is at present a running back on the undefeated team where he has racked up over 500 rushing yards with 77 carries thus far and we are only in the 4th week of football.  He is smaller than about 95% of the field he is playing against but he is showing Milan and the world that stature has nothing to do with being able to handle the hard work and rack up the rewards for doing such work.  Trace Lindeman was honored with the Dave Budd Hard Work Award for his dedication in the game on September 21, 2013.

Rest assured that Milan will be watching and wishing nothing but the best of success for both Lindeman brothers, as they give their all for Milan High School Athletics.

Source: By Balinda Zimmerman

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