In Memory of Trooper Butterfield

Police Tragedy

photo_7191_main_thumb160 (2)Unfortunately I need to start this month’s article in memory of yet another tragic line of duty death of a law enforcement officer in the State of Michigan.

As all are aware, Trooper Paul Butterfield II was shot and killed in the line of duty Monday, September 9, 2013 at 6:20 p.m. on a traffic stop in Mason County.

The men and women of the Milan Police Department paid tribute to this terrible loss by wearing black morning bands or mourning pins during the week of his memorial services.  Many in the community took note of that tribute and passed on their thoughts, prayers, and condolences on behalf of Trooper Butterfield’s family.  Many reinforced their appreciation for the dangers that are inherent in being a police officer; and conveyed their thanks to those that risk their health and safety out there every day.

I know I speak for all of us in this community when I say our prayers and thoughts are with Trooper Butterfield’s family, co-workers, and the entire MSP organization in the face of this terrible loss.

These are horrible tragedies and it is important for us to not only recognize the sacrifices that are made and have been made by our brothers and sisters and their families who have paid the ultimate price in this profession, but never forget them or their families going forward. Those who work in law enforcement are in a very tough, demanding, and dangerous profession.  There are very few professions where the possibility of not going home at the end of a work day exists.  Law enforcement is an honorable profession, which requires character, courage, and a dedication that is unique to those who work in it.  A similar character, courage, and dedication are required of the families who support them and wait for them to come home each day.

May we carry in our hearts all that have perished while carrying out the calling that is this profession; and may the work that all of us do as their brothers and sisters in law enforcement going forward stand as a tribute to who they were and what they stood for, so that their sacrifices are never forgotten.

Source: Gerard Scherlinck, Chief of Police

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