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It’s Not Just about High School Football

Photo by Balinda Zimmerman. Trace Lindeman and Robert Kanitz signing autographs.

No. 11Kanitz to Smith for 22 yd gain against Riverview
No. 11 Kanitz to Smith for 22 yd gain against Riverview.
Trace Lindeman and Robert Kanitz signing autographs
Photo by Balinda Zimmerman. Trace Lindeman and Robert Kanitz signing autographs.

When leaving the football game on Friday night September 20, 2013, I came across some friends and stood around chatting.  Up walked one of the coaches and his son from the third grade Rec League in Milan.  Third grade is the first year a youngster can play contact football in Milan.  Ethan Felkamp is the quarterback for the 3rd grade team and had just been given the honor of being a water boy for the Varsity game. As he walked up his eyes twinkled and he told me what he had done and he swore he would never wash his hands again.  You see, Ethan had been able to touch the same water bottle as Robert Kanitz and he was in awe of Kanitz. Another even younger student asked, “Did you touch Trace Lindeman too? I would not wash my hands if I touched Trace!”  The awe in both children’s eyes was just a sight to behold; Ethan was on a cloud those of us standing around him would never reach.

Most of us never realize that sometimes in this life children are watching us and mimicking our moves, actions, and language.  What adult would ever have realized that a child would

be so enamored by a high school student, a football player?  But you see, this isn’t just any high school student, not just any football player.  This is the quarterback for the 2012 Championship team in the Huron League.  This is a quarterback for the thus far undefeated team for 2013 and beside him is the only freshman running back in Milan since 1994.

How many children in our school system look up to our high school football players in the same way that Ethan does?  As a cheerleader, are you aware that little girls are watching you and wanting to be just like you? As a football player, are you aware that youngsters look at you and dream of one day being exactly like you, wearing your number?  High school students, when you race your car down the road, did you know that 12 year old walking down the street is watching you and wanting to be just like you?  We never know who is watching us, we never know the affect we have on other people unless they walk up to us or someone else one day and say “He is my hero,” or “you are my hero!”  Are we making sure our children have good heroes?   In Milan, we have some pretty good heroes on our football fields, soccer fields and gyms.  We have players who are academically strong, who are not only excelling on the field but also in the classroom! We have high school students who can be heroes and parents who don’t have to worry about their child turning out to be just like their childhood hero.

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