New York Artist Films Music Video in Milan

By Milan Eagle Media
Photos by  J & E Fusion Photography

During the month of October, musician and actress Paytra Gessler made her way into down town Milan from New York City, to film her music video for her single “Runaway Love”, directed and produced by Ezekiel Alexander Enriquez and Jessica Reaves of J & E Fusion Photography and Visual-E-Creative Advertising. Ezekiel decided to use the interior of the historical buildings on Main Street, owned by Dave Snyder. “It made for the perfect location to go along with the lyrics and the style of cinematography” Ezekiel said. The buildings are getting ready to be renovated for the future expansion of Milan into residential apartments and gleaming store fronts. Dave Snyder, also a former New York resident, supports and believes in the film community and local artists who will drive traffic into down town. According to director Jessica Reaves, Mr. Snyder was totally accommodating to all the needs of the production, from providing power for lighting to creating a safe area for crew to set up in. The snacks and drinks were provided by a local company, Christian’s Catering, located on Tolan Street. Local photographer, Tom Dupuis, also assisted the group by providing lights for special effects while creative designer Nickolas Curtis ran the set, setting up and bringing the concept to vision during filming. When we asked artist Paytra Gessler, how she felt about Milan, she responded “I found Milan so cute and welcoming. It was much calmer than New York (what I’m used to) and the bakery and shops were so fun. The location was perfect.” Part of the dancing team was made up of actresses and dancers, Lindsey Denham and Cassandra Cardena of the Toledo, Ohio area, they danced behind a screen for some amazing silhouette shots reminiscent of the old James Bond film openings. Make-up artist & hair stylist, Aysha Riaz brought her magic along to make it all come together.

This is the third music video filmed in Milan by Ezekiel and Jessica. Paytra Gessler is only 16 years old, and taking the music scene by storm. Her manager, Wendi Davis is the driving force between placing groups of talented artists together for the music video. Wendi Davis has been a talent manager for decades working from Ohio to New York City and even Miami. You can find more info at Ezekiel first met Davis from IMTA (International Modeling and Talent Association) when he was 15 years old. IMTA has been responsible for putting out great talent such as Elijah Woods (Lord of the Rings), Ashton Kutcher, Katie Homes, Josh Duhamel (Transformer’s Franchise), and Jessica Biel along with many other top Hollywood stars. Paytra Gessler seems to be headed toward the same direction as many of the artists mentioned. She brings a youthful, passionate style to her music not seen in other artists.

“My driving passion is using my gift to change the world. I’m donating 20% of all “Runaway Love’s” music sales to a children’s charity, Toys for Tots. My wish is that I can help unite people for a cause, and the only way I know how is through music”, said Paytra when asked about the driving passion behind her music.

To listen to Paytra Gessler’s music please visit: or search for Paytra Gessler on I-Tunes. Her website is  The official release date for “Runaway Love” the Music Video was Tuesday November 5, 2013.


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