Coach Gilles kicks off new program

By Balinda Zimmerman

 Coach Adam Gilles is challenging his Physical Education students to get healthy and possibly bringing some profit to the school at the same time via the NFL program Coach Gilles kicked off the program on November 15, 2013 by asking his P.E. students to sign up and to pass the word for others to help out.  The program is another way to bring to the school funds and exercise equipment that is earned by the students.

Gilles had no idea how many people would be attending the kickoff rally but he gathered his t-shirts, gifts of mini footballs and backpacks, his sign-up banner and markers, and then prepared for as little as 10 or as many as 75 people. He had teachers, parapros, administrative assistants, High School students and even two students from Middle School who had come over to represent their school participating in the program as well.  There were an estimated 60 people in attendance who signed up, committed to a daily or weekly routine and began walking on the track above the gym.  Music was provided to get all those who participated in the mood to walk, run or jog and they did all of them

Courtney Stinson, a recent graduate of Milan and a Dietician,challenged all Milan schools to begin the program. I asked several people how they interpreted the program and if we understand this correctly, students who are in any athletic program can log their time and can get credit for their exercising.

For example;  Ashtyn Jones (MMS) and Makayla Helzerman (MHS) are competition cheerleaders in Toledo at the Midwest Cheer Elite gym. The girls log as many as 14 hours per week of exercise for their sport and can count those hours toward the program. If a student is a member of any sports team, they can count those practice and game hours. If you spend the night with your friend and you go play paintball, log your hours, everything counts

The goal of the program is to get students off the couches and get them moving which will help to prevent childhood obesity. Gilles says he is “very competitive” and wanted to be the first school to have a kickoff event and rally the kids to get signed up and participating right away.  Dyllan Jones, a 7th grade athlete from Milan Middle School says he had already signed up at the Middle School level, had his t-shirt and was logging hours prior to his going to the High School for Coach Gilles kickoff.  Sorry Coach Gilles, looks like you are going to have to encourage your students to log more hours if you want to win because even though they didn’t have a kickoff event, the Middle School already has a head start.

Early High School participants are Austin Monty, Jordan Mitchell. James Carpenter, Bryan Wagoner, Tommy Vinnay, Jacob Novack, Max Stomman, Larissa Buckingham, Jake Friese, Jake Hendricks, Mark Evans, Cory Daniel, Steven Phifer, Dallas Digesare, Dimetrius Barnes, Mark rodan, Laura Kinney, Ashley FLower, Amber Evans, Haley Buczkowski, Cassidy Stauch, Lindsey Drewyor, Jacob Mass and Chad Hall.

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