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Spotlight a student | NOAH CARTWRIGHT Symons Elementary Fifth Grader

Noah Cartwright
Noah Cartwright

By Balinda Zimmerman

When you first meet Noah Cartwright you might think that he is your average American boy in an average American family who is a bit on the shy side.  Noah is anything but average however and he is quite full of some local history that many adults don’t even know.  Noah is the middle child of three boys in a family where his mom says the only girls she will ever have are her dogs, Pepper and Princess Madeline (Maddy).  Pepper is a Catahoula (a rare breed of dog hailing from Louisiana) and Maddy is a King Charles Cavalier.

Noah played football for the 5th grade team in Milan as a half-back and wearing Jersey #7 this year. He also wrestled and played baseball and plans to join both teams again this next year.  He loves the outdoors where he and his best friend, Logan Foster, play war, build teepees and climb trees.  He says he has never fallen out of a tree but recalls once when they were climbing out back of his house, “that branch broke and Logan fell right outta the tree.”

Like most boys his age, his favorite food is pizza.  He likes to go hunting and actually began when he was about 7 years old.  He has not gotten his first deer yet but he has taken down a squirrel, which some would say is harder than shooting a deer.

One thing that Noah loves, that might seem unusual to other kids his age, is reading.  He inherited this love from his grandmother and he is an avid reader.  He has a Kindle Fire and is currently reading the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series which he says is about Greek Mythology.  He and his mother Heather explain that Noah is very big into History and The Civil War era.

When Heather discovered Noah’s love of all things History she purchased a membership at Greenfield Village so that Noah can go there and study up on things he loves.  His eyes light up when he told me about the Village and how there is “the Edison district, the first house with electricity and the Wright Brother’s Shop” Heather explains that there are  “also Model T’s rides during the year and sleigh rides in the winter.”  Heather says,” this is Noah’s favorite place to go so I take him several times a year and we go alone so he can just relax and enjoy everything without being rushed.” He certainly changes to a different young man when he begins talking about History and the Greenfield Village. It is my guess that by the time Noah gets into High School he will be a wealth of information on both local and American History.

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