MHS Quiz Bowl team defeats Howell 325-305

By Joyce Ervin

The Milan High School Varsity Quiz Bowl team is off to a good start with this year’s season taking a win on Dec. 10 from the Howell Highlanders with a 325 to 305 score.  This is a fierce and fast-paced competition and unlike other competitions the only equipment used is a buzzer.

Players must buzz in and respond with a correct answer within 10 seconds of a question being asked.  The play consists of two 15-minute rounds and participants can be given up to 75 questions per round.  The questions are prepared by Knowledge Master who supplies thousands of questions for academic competitions.

The questions are difficult and include a range of subject matter such as history, science, medicine, physics, senate maneuvers, math problems and plate tectonics. Milan High School teacher Jennifer Glushyn reads the questions at each meet and the team is coached by teacher consultant Jim Brousseau.

Brousseau said he was excited about this year’s team as this is the largest number of players they have had in the past five years.  Team leaders have been chosen and are organizing study circles in an effort to pay-off in more wins as they progress.  “They are an enthusiastic group and fun to coach,” he said.

Hoping to have a great season, Brousseau said, parents are welcome to attend the matches, and he appreciates parental support.

Varsity player are Alexis Tucker, Fawnnie Pamenan, Danielle Osborn, Marley Tucker, Jason Sell, Harry Ervin, Ashley Roark and Chris Idzikowski.  The junior varsity team is made up of students Randy Marcum, J.J. Anderson, Sarah Wachowicz, Katie Flaim, Jessi Smith, Winnie Xiao, Paula Villasuss and Hayley Moran.

For information, contact Brousseau at brousseauj [at] milanareaschools [dot] org.


Joyce Ervin is a freelance writer.  She can be contacted at: jlervin24 [at] yahoo [dot] com.


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