Veteran of the Month: Aaron Straub

By Milan Eagle Media

There’s something good to be said for family, friends, caring and commitment.

Aaron Straub was born March 28, 1986 to proud parents Kirk and Lisa.  Basically, Milan, MI has always been his home.

He was introduced as a child to helping others, either through serving in the military or helping save lives and property through serving as a firefighter.

Spending time with Drew Cummings, a friend since childhood, and Drew’s dad, Steven, gave Aaron an insight into the military and Company F, 425th Infantry Long Range Surveillance a company of the Michigan National Guard.  After graduating from Milan High School, Drew set Aaron up with a recruiter and information about training and the Airborne School.

Aaron joined the Michigan National Guard and on January 30, 2007 he went to boot camp at Ft. Benning, GA.  Upon boot camp graduation Aaron remained at Ft. Benning and attended Airborne School where he was trained in parachuting and landing safely.  A paratrooper has dedication and a desire to be challenged mentally and physically.  To this day, Aaron exhibits dedication and accepts challenges.

After Airborne School Aaron returned to Michigan and Company F, 425 where he drilled and got ready for his first deployment to Iraq.  May 2009 Specialist Straub went to Iraq where he did long range surveillance missions, border patrol missions and trained Iraqis to guard their long, rugged and remote border.  He was deployed until May 2010, at that time his unit returned home to MI.

In December 2005, before National Guard and Iraq, Aaron had joined the Milan Area Fire Department.  He would be a 3rd generation firefighter, following in the steps of his grandfather Ross McConeghy, who was a firefighter for 10 years and his dad, Kirk Straub, who was a firefighter for 16 years.

Being a firefighter takes determination and courage, Aaron seems to have plenty of both.  On calls around town or training or at the fire station you’ll see STRAUB on a uniform busily darting by while he’s doing his duty. When he’s not caring for Milan he’s either spending time with his wife Erica, his daughter Reese and his son Jaxen or busy working at Straub Heating & Cooling.

Aaron says he has a love for both the military and the fire department.  He is honored he got to serve his country and community and help people.  He’s hopeful Jaxen will make serving and helping a choice and be a 4th generation firefighter.

The Milan Eagle thanks Aaron Straub for his service to his country and his continuing service to the community of Milan.


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