We at the Milan Eagle hope all in our community are doing well during this crisis. We will all get through this together. In order to keep people safe and distanced we did not produce a Milan Eagle newspaper for April. Further months have not been determined as we want to adhere to state guidelines and protect the community. We appreciate all our advertisers and readers and look forward to serving everyone again.God bless.


I just came back to the office from the Thursday Night Car Show, Concert, and Movies in the Park Series this evening.  A good sized crowd was on hand, and it’s always uplifting to get to talk to so many people whom I’ve had the great fortune to have met and gotten to know over the last couple of years in such a positive setting.  The night was warm, the sun was out, the temperature was perfect; there was great music, smiling people, kids playing, and families gathered against the backdrop of Ford Lake and within the confines of Wilson Park at peace and in tranquility with one another and their surroundings.  Just before that, I was fortunate to have been able to attend and welcome a newly opened business Downtown at a ribbon cutting ceremony; again, smiling, welcoming, warm, and hopeful.  The friendly faces of members of this community joining company to celebrate the hopes and dreams of a new neighbor.
We have had our share of struggles, challenges, and hurdles, but against the backdrop of a community linked by a common hope, a dream of a better place, and in support of one another, we stand in stark contrast to the events that haunt our nation and our world that are unfolding at an alarming rate this summer. Wars, wild fires, violence, poverty, hunger, suffering, abuse, destructive acts of nature, horrendous crimes,  corruption at every level, and the absolute abuse and disrespect for the dignity of humanity permeate our cities, our nation, and our world.
We are barraged by forces that are stealing away our innocence and our humanity.  We seem surrounded by world views that celebrate violence, abuse, death, and destruction without limit or conscience.
We hear explanations put forth by scholars, experts, and pundits in terms of what causes so much suffering and destruction.  Being able to explain what is at work behind bad things perhaps makes it easier to cope with, because if something can be explained, then there may be hope for prevention, intervention, a different outcome, a different future.
While I understand and embrace the search for causes, I wonder lately if an equally valid question might be what is quickly vanishing or worse yet, soon to be missing, that we once had that saved us from so many roads that end in destruction?

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