Homecoming Battle

Photo by Balinda Zimmerman Trace Lindeman had close to 200 yards rushing  and scored three time against Grosse Ile
Photo by Balinda Zimmerman
Trace Lindeman had close to 200 yards rushing and scored three time against Grosse Ile

By Balinda Zimmerman

The Milan team has been plagued by an unusual amount of penalties during the first several games including untold penalties, pass incompletions, pass interceptions, fumbles and then there is the loss of team member, Jon Swain, for what is likely the remainder of the season.

Fast forward to Homecoming on Friday the 26th and the game against Grosse Ile. Demetrius Barnes scored the second touchdown for Milan but it was called back for penalty of false start by Milan. They chose to kick the field goal and the score was Milan 10, Grosse Ile 0. Milan’s next offensive drive gains them a touchdown by Barnes, score Milan 17, Gross Ile 0. Grosse Ile on the next offensive run had a series of drives for 80 total yards ending with their first touchdown but they were unable to complete the extra point. The Big Reds ended the half with an 11 point lead, score Milan 17 Gross Ile 6.

The third quarter opening drive and Grosse Ile had the ball and scored on a 4th down but it was called back for penalty.  Grosse Ile chose to kick the field goal and gained 3 points.  Score Milan 17, Grosse Ile 9. A couple drives into Milan’s offensive progress and a touchdown pass was completed by Trace Lindeman to Eric Price and the score was 24-9, Milan.  At Milan’s next offensive drive Lindeman rushed for 80+ yards that went barely recognized because it was not followed by a touchdown. Grosse Ille answered shortly thereafter with another scoring drive, Milan 24, Grosse Ile 16.

On the next Grosse Ile offensive drives a pass interception by Milan’s QB, E.J. Medvecz, puts Milan back in the drivers seat. With a series of incomplete passes for Milan and then the same for Grosse Ile nothing exciting happened. The ball goes back to Grosse Ile on a kickoff where the ball had come to a complete stop but before the ball was downed Grosse Ile scooped it up and ran for a touchdown. On the extra point they were successful at the 2 point conversion and it was a tie ballgame, Milan 24 Grosse Ile 24.

Overtime: Milan gets the first drive in overtime and sets up, snap, EJ hands off to Lindeman who takes it straight up the center, cuts left and negotiates his way straight into the end zone.  Here is where the tides turned a little stonger because the extra point was blocked giving Grosse Ile a small open door. Score Milan 30, Grosse Ile 24.

Grosse Ile sets up, snap, QB hands off to #3 who is immediately tackled by Milan’s #8 Cortez Gray. 2nd and goal, set up, snap and QB passes to #3 on outside right and almost picked off by Milan’s #44, Justin York, but not quite, he caught it and scored.  Grosse Ile also missed the extra point.  Score Milan 30, Grosse Ile 30.

Grosse Ile set up for their next drive right after their touchdown.  Snap, handoff to the running back and straight up the right side to the endzone almost untouched by Milan.  On the extra point they once again go in for a two point conversion and successfully complete the run.  Score Grosse Ile 38 Milan 30.

Milan sets up for their second drive in overtime. Three drives in with Lindeman as the ball carrier and Milan calls a Timeout. On the next drive Lindeman again is handed the ball, starts up the center lets the pile up happen and literally dives over it for the touchdown.  The Homecoming crowd went crazy. Set for the extra point and we all know Milan needs at best the two point conversion and Lindeman is given the ball.  He is stopped 2 yards into his drive and Milan loses the Homecoming game. Score Grosse Ile 38, Milan 36.

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