Update on Jon Swain, Milan Varsity Cornerback


Jon Swain at NB Huron
Jon Swain at NB Huron

By Milan Eagle Media

Jon Swain, Milan’s Varsity cornerback for 2014 is still in the hospital after receiving life threatening injuries in a vehicle accident on Sunday, September 22, 2014 on Whittaker Rd.   Officials could only speculate but it is suspected that Swain lost control of his vehicle when hydroplaning in the heavy rain.  His car was struck on the drivers side causing severe injuries to Jon’s left side.

Jon stated on Monday October 13, 2014 that he is looking forward to being released from the hospital before the week is over. It is not likely that he will be returning to school before November because doctors are still monitoring his progress with cognitive reasoning skills but Jon is eagerly looking forward to getting back into his normal routine.

As a result of the accident Jon had multiple broken ribs (+5), a punctured lung, a lacerated spleen and had been being watched for signs of a DAI brain injury.  He eventually did have to have his spleen removed due to excessive bleeding but his recovery was very good. He has had some trouble with balance in walking until very recently but was excited to share today that he is able to walk on his own and with very little trouble.

Swain shared that after his release from the hospital he intends to be standing with his team on the sidelines at the football game on Friday night against Carlton Airport.


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