Get to know the Yellow Dog Project

By Mike Sweet, DVM

Are you aware there is a yellow dog Project? Have you seen dogs with a yellow ribbon tied to their leash? Why do they do that? It is a visual symbol that this dog has issues with something. The answer is it is a visual request or warning that the dog attached to the leash is not yet done learning the social graces.  It may be recovering from surgery, is territorial or has “behavior” issues such as animal aggression, people aggression, is afraid of people. It could be a senior citizen dog that does not like small children or an anxious dog that has an anxiety which may lead to the animal injuring its self. This is a partial  list of owner concerns.

All of the above are devastating to an owner. They have invested time and money to fill the need to have a dog as a friend and companion.  Some times the dog may be a reflection of our own fears.  There are things like the boogey man which allows the dog to pick up on our anxieties as we project them to the dog. This is probably indirectly and we are probably not even aware we are doing it. The Yellow Dog Project is a way to alert people near us that this dog is uncomfortable in some situations. It is a very nice gesture to avoid confrontation , bites and dog fights. Google  the Project  at :

I get emotional this time of year. I think back about how I became interested in Veterinary medicine. It was December of 1965. You do remember that year don’t you? I think the Temptations had a song about that time and progression towards adulthood. My pivotal moment was when one of our cows came down with “Milk fever”.  Right after calving as is the case usually.  We called Doctor Dickey from Bangor, MI to come out and give her IV calcium that had been taken out of her blood stream by having a calf.

There has been a lot of water pass under the bridge since then. The things I have learned are amazing. The things practice has taught me go beyond the books. Both methods of learning are effective and  needed.

This December I start year forty-three of practice.  It seems like yesterday when we came to town. I wish to thank our clients, employees and friends for their continued support.  May your Christmas be merry and lead to a blessed year.

For more information about a specific case, consult your veterinarian.

The outside of a pet is good for the inside of a human.

Mike Sweet, DVM

Milan Veterinary Clinic


140 W Main St

Milan, MI 48160


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