Editorial: CUBA REALLY?

Editorial by Dr. Ed Enriquez

In the mix of all internal chaos that we Americans are experiencing, among others, the insistence of some to perpetuate the concept of race that brings as consequence racism.  The executive power decides to mend fences with a still communist country that has no intension of changing.  Establish a diplomatic relation with a country that during more than 6 decades persecuted its own people, tortured and put them in filthy prisons to die? Re-establish relation when people in Cuba still do not have any freedom and are subject even to food rationing? Well, the prospective of some is to open the door to a free market, so the people of Cuba will have access to many more goods and tourism will boost the economy bringing a lot of money to the people so they can have a better life. Well the President once again showed a lack of comprehension and knowledge of international affairs and a great disregard for the people that gave their life to preserve freedom in Cuba.  Let’s be clear, communism does not produce either democracy nor freedom, and even less allow the people of Cuba to keep the fruit of their labor.

Some say the American spirit of liberty is so influential and the American good will affect the people and then they will want to change the regime.  Really,  so what happened in China?  We have engaged in commerce for several decades and last chance I checked they are still under communism, the government controls communication, media, internet and other forms of expression of freedom.

First Cuba should change from inside out, starting with liberties, freedom of speech, freedom of association, be able to establish other political parties. Cuba should enhance the individual freedom in order to increase collective prosperity.  I have no doubt the Castro brothers never will be doing it, once again this regime will take advantage of the generosity of USA, use the money that Americans will put in Cuba to keep the oppression on the Cuban people.

Dictator Raul Castro rejected that idea in his address to the-annual meeting of the National Assembly, saying “we must not expect that in order to establish relations with the United States, Cuba will abandon the ideas that it has struggled for”.  Exactly communism will continue, no changes, no freedom for the Cuban people. The Dictator closed his speech with “Viva Fidel!” in reference to his older brother, who has not been seen nor heard from since the historic development was announced, provoking speculation about his health and whereabouts.

Well, this is one of the times that I’d like to be wrong and everything will be better in Cuba and the influence of liberty of the USA will affect the people. Now the question is are we all losing our freedom in America little by little?

So think and decide if the establishment of diplomatic relation with Cuba is good for Cuba and even more is it good for the people of Cuba?   Pray for CUBA LIBRE.

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