Important to remember how pets affect life

By Mike Sweet, DVM

It is the time of new beginnings.  A time of remembering, a time of looking forward and a time of forgiving. Every New Years we resolve to do it better the coming year. Sometimes the best thing to do is to revisit and remember your roots.  The best way to honor someone is talk about them.  I had parents that encouraged learning and expanding your sphere of understanding and connection with other people and beings. We always had animals — as pets, farm animals and horses.   From them I learned the lessons of life:  love, being responsible for their care, housing, health and the sadness that comes when they are gone.  There is a dichotomy in raising livestock and animals. The time line they give us is too short. The love and bonding which develops helps mold an adult from an adolescent.

They impart life lessons learned no other way.  Any child brought up around responsible animal husbandry is changed for ever. The act of caring for animals bridges species and generations. It builds good life habits.

I realize now there were important people and animals that have taught me life lessons.   I found out early on I was not the animal whisperer I dreamt I was.  Being kicked by a 1300 pound hog fat palomino horse left an impact on me. You read enough cowboy books to learn Western lore from the Midwest.  In Michigan the books and dreams are written the same but living the dream is subtlety different. When the rear hoof meets your thigh you have a learning point.  Dogs will bite when afraid and are painful. Cats are made from a different fiber. They will purr and be all over you. They can go from relaxed to a slashing machine in a heart beat.  I have learned about how to handle most animals through years of practice. They are all different.  You cannot be afraid of animals as they are able to smell fear by your body language and the subtle changes in your sweat chemistry. Their acute sense of smell   detects chemical changes. I fear no animal, but I admit some animals get a whole lot more respect than others.

Will Rogers said, “If you thinking you’re a person of some influence, try ordering someone else’s dog around.”

Will Rogers also said, “The best doctor in the world is the Veterinarian. He can’t ask his patients what is the matter–he’s got to just know.”

I wish you prosperous and Happy New Years.

For more information about a specific case, consult your veterinarian.

The outside of a pet is good for the inside of a human.

Mike Sweet, DVM

Milan Veterinary Clinic 734-439-1112

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Milan, MI 48160

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