Highlights from the Dec. City Council

By Milan Eagle Media

During the month of December, the Milan City Council passed an ordinance creating two positions, “Clerk” and “Treasurer,” rather than the former combined clerk-treasurer. The council also approved hiring Plante Moran, a financial accounting firm from Southfield, to handle the job of treasurer for the city. Karen M. Meyer, who works from the Plante Moran office in Ann Arbor, is assigned to Milan City Hall, at least until June when the next fiscal year will begin.

The plan is for Ms. Meyer to start using updated computer programs, and streamline the banking procedures, while handling day-to-day operations as treasurer. This is expected to take until the end of March, 2015, with the firm charging $14,550 per month. After that, it is expected that the treasurer’s job will be more routine, with the charge going down to $11,950 per month and then $8,500 per month.

Robin Souders and John Kaas, of Kaas Builders, introduced themselves to the Milan Planning Commission, having recently purchased the 44 vacant lots in the Milan Crossing development. Milan Crossing is just west of the Arby’s and McDonalds restaurants. They said they intend to continue building homes just like the ones already there, with construction to start in April.

In late December, the council heard a report from Mayor Michael Armitage about a bill in Lansing which would help finance the Milan Public Library. The bill passed in the house, and Armitage said he hoped it would pass in the senate. The bill would allow the library to receive funding on the basis of the Milan Area School District, and not just the City of Milan.

City Council learned that “Railroad Street” alongside the Ann Arbor Railroad, is permanently closed. Police have set up barricades. Vehicles can no longer use it as a street between First and Second Streets. Adjoining property owners have requested this closure, since vehicles sometimes used that short section of dirt road for speeding.

“Railroad Street” was never a public street; it is only a private service drive for the railroad.




In mid-December, Milan police arrested four individuals all at once, in two locations. Three were arrested on drug-related charges, and a fourth for outstanding warrants. The arrests took place in the areas of Greentree, as well as County and Gay.

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