As I write this, it’s still before Christmas and New Year’s, but by the time the article comes out, it will be a brand new year!  What will 2015 bring?  The new year is always a time to consider the past, take a moment and assess the present, and make plans for the future; maybe plans for a different future.  But, is there always a need for a radical new plan for the future?  If we pay attention to TV and the other mass-media, it seems like every year at this time there is a call for a total rebuild of everything; diets, workouts, and resolutions.  One question in this regard might be, has the past really been so bad that new and major changes that lead to a “brand new you;” a brand new promise for a “brand new future” are really in order?  Radical change, leading to a brand new…..fill in the blank…..is packaged and sold as directly connected to that ever so evasive state of “real happiness.”  I wonder, is getting caught up in all that call for change really necessary for a better or more promising future?  Maybe the traditions we believe in; or a way of life more simple and connected to the past; a life based on faith and dedication to a greater good, have been pretty good and may be the course to stay?  Rather than radical change, maybe just a calming breath is in order with a resolve to stay the course with family, friends, community, and faith?

We’ve done some great things in our community; made some positive changes; and are working hard  toward a promising future.  All of that is connected to a sound foundation; good people and families who built that foundation; and so many that come together day in and day out in the present committed to keeping the work, hopes, and visions of the past alive long into the future.  That underlying rhythm of connectedness, and dedication to the things that really matter, I think, is a basic building block for good and sustainable communities, and we seem to certainly have it here.

For those of faith, Christmas and the New Year are celebrations of promise, life connected with our Creator, and through that connection, an eternal hope for not only the present, but the future.  Our community displays a strong faith.  We come together often to connect with that faith, recognize the sacrifices that have been made on our behalf on so many levels, and always look toward the power of that faith keeping us strong long into the future.

As we traverse yet another year end, may the good things of the past, but even more important the faith, hope and promise of our collective faith guide us all as we move forward; and may we find the true meaning of our journey as individuals, families, and in community.

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