Anyone Can Paint

By Milan Eagle Media

Eighteen people came to find out if it is really true, “anyone can paint”.  Two long tables were set up Monday, January 26 at  Seniors for Healthy Living for the two hour class with Instructor Steve Wood. Steve launched and hosts his own popular television show “Anyone Can Paint” and he has won numerous awards in art shows over the years for his landscape paintings.  Today’s class only cost $22.50 and all supplies, training and fun were included…plus, each person got to take their “masterpiece “ home with them.

Arcylics are fast drying and can be used straight from the tube.  Because they dry so fast, squeeze only a little paint out of a tube at a time.  Some use a little spray bottle and spray a fine mist over the paint regularly to keep it moist.

Steve keep the class busy giving step by step instructions on painting and the class interacted well while he shared stories of complaints of brushes not functioning well and right handed vs left handed brushes. Techniques on painting sky, sea, waves, splashes and rocks were all applied. At the end of class each painting was displayed, some joked how they thought their painting “looked better from far away”  Just like every person is different, so was every painting even though they all followed the same instructions, used the same techniques and a had the same example to go by.

The Senior Center is considering having another class so this fun opportunity can be shared again.  Hopefully more will attend.  After all, “anyone can paint”.

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