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Editorial | Straight talk: ‘Race, Reason for Racism’

Well we arrive to the third of the series, and perhaps none of this makes sense if you did not read the last two editorials. In essence the intension still is to put some clarity and real understanding of all this issue of race that as I said before consumes the fiber of America. We learn about that biologically race does not exist, we are not different (only different phenotypes) and how ideology about race still is in the mind of some people (remember Theorem of the Grand Chain of Being).
As I said before, also I am going to talk about my own experience. See, diversity is nothing new for me, even though I was not born physically in this country. Emigration did not happen only in the United States. I grew up in a predominant German neighborhood and even my parents were not German, they also were immigrants, my mother was Italian and my father a Galician (Spaniard Celtic). Now, we were not minority simply we were not Germans or of German decent. By the way, minority is one of the most discriminative words, because separate, puts you automatically in a situation of disadvantage, implying separation, different kind and it is used in many cases to perpetuate the claim of injustice even when it does not exist.
As I in lived among diverse people, soon I got acquainted to the goodness of some deserts and food that became part of my life, as apple strudel and stolen from Christmas, and the Italian version panetone. As in the USA we are surrounded by the influence of many cultures that become and conform our culture. Is Chinese or Mexican food in America really Chinese or Mexican or has it become part of the culture among Americans.
I was shocked when in the sixties on the Argentina TV news I saw the marches and riots of the civil right movement, specially the controversy with Rosa Parks. As a young teenager my question was how the most powerful and modern country in the world, could still practice customs that are extremely archaic, and belonged to 10 centuries ago, and I was really surprised.
Years passed and I was recruited to come to America because of my profession. Even though I had been in the USA before as tourist, I think you start to see things differently when you are going to live here. The first day I was driving with a colleague when we passed by a church, I ask her what kind of church is that, she responded a black church. After a few seconds of thinking, and in a display of my profound lack of knowledge, I said what do you mean, they do black magic? She responded no, it’s a church where black people go. I ask again, only black people? She said yes, and I ask why? Then she said I do not know, here it is like that. I thought about for a few days and I tried to find a logical explanation to it. Still I do not find any logic; Sunday morning is the most discriminate time in America.
I believe the problem is ideological; we the people, including the government, ideologically divide people in races or kinds. When I made the decision to stay and to live in the States, I had to get my social security number, my girlfriend decided to go with me to help me with the endeavor. That day I confronted another of the tools to put people in boxes and classify them. When filling papers I came with the issue of what I was, White, Black, Asiatic, Spanish …………… I ask Glenda (now my wife) what is this? She responded, you have to put what you are. Really, well what am I? She said well you are Spanish; I responded I was not born in Spain, and she responded, well you are Spanish because you speak Spanish and you come from South America. The problem was what do I do with my Italian part, and since when Spaniard people are not white people? That form produced to me indignation, what is the purpose to classify people? What does it accomplish? The result is ideological, we keep putting people in a box, and we classify wrongly. Example most of people that came in recent years from south of the border, they do not have any direct connection with Spain, or a single drop of Spanish blood, they have a different heritage, they speak Spanish, as most of Americans speak English and they are not English. To be continued.

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