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Therapy dogs do magic

By Mike Sweet, DVM

We were at the Pasta for Paws fund raiser this last weekend. This was held at St Michael’s Lutheran Church in Ottawa Lake. We went because two of our granddaughters, Paige and Katie, were helping in the kitchen and in the dining area. It is always a great experience to see people supporting a great organization. It takes a boat load of effort, volunteers, devotion and love to pull these types of events.
There were items available for silent auction bidding. Spaghetti was the entre and meatless if you preferred. The noise levels were the type you expect from friends and relatives catching up. It seems the longer the interval the more yakking heard. I did enjoy renewing friendship and conversation.
The table we picked out had a jacket and some personal effects on the table and chairs. Scott and his wife sat down with their young elementary aged little daughter. She had a chocolate Labrador on a leash with her. Her parents were very pleasant. It turns out Scott is a Methodist minister in a town in Northern Ohio. They happen to be the same denomination as us. He mentioned his daughter had not spoken to any one in the church he is assigned to. They have been there three years as of last August..
While they were going through their training and selection the people at the Ability Center brought out a dog named Clover. The daughter started talking about the dog Clover. Since they picked up the lab it has been a life changing event. The home work is being done much better, school is smoother there is interaction and making progress.
When you meet love on legs and hear and see what a positive effect it has with a child that is Autistic wow what a moment. It does not matter what level the child has been classified with when a Therapy dog does its magic it is wonderful. This child had been through all of the treatment, test and working with specialist in the autism arena. They had not given up but were resigned to a lower tier of expectations as to outcome.
Their belief was getting thin and hope leaner before this therapy dog. They have restored hope for a functioning future.
I was talking to Scott about having a fur angel living with them. He mentioned she still has dog tendencies to get into the garbage and is a food vacuum. Scott did not really seem upset about that compared to a better future.
May you succumb to true love; puppy love.
For more information about a specific case, consult your veterinarian. The outside of a pet is good for the inside of a human.

Mike Sweet, DVM
Milan Veterinary Clinic 734-439-1112
140 W Main St
Milan, MI 48160

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