Kiernan earns All American

By Milan Eagle Media

Morigan Kiernan takes 2nd Place in the NuWay Nationals Girl’s Wrestling Tournament, earning “All American” Status.  .

Morigan’s interest in wrestling started one day when her dad was watching a women’s MMA fight on his computer in the living room. He had  not really decided if it would be appropriate for his daughter to watch MMA but when she leaned over his shoulder and started watching it she became intrigued and seemed sincerely interested. One of the fighters in the video was former Strikeforce Champion Miesha Tate. She asked him how Miesha got so tough and he told her that Miesha had wrestled in high school. A few days later she came home with the flier for the Milan Youth Wrestling Club and asked to join.

Morigan wrestled with the Milan Youth Club starting in December of 2013 and finished that season by taking 1st Place at the Novice Championships in Saline. When the Folkstyle Wrestling Season was over she and her brother Connor both wanted to continue wrestling rather then returning to Soccer. Dad did research and found that there was a local club that did Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling called Betts’ Army headed up by Coach Mike Betts. Morigan wrestled through the Freestyle and Greco-Roman season and then stayed on with Coach Betts through the Summer and Fall. Having made a lot of friends in the club she decided to stay with Betts’ Army heading into the next Folkstyle Season.

Neil Kiernam, her dad, said, “Morigan went on to win two Bronze medals and another Silver medal this year in Folkstyle, and won her first Gold medal in Freestyle wrestling at Fowlerville in March. We had believed we were done with Folkstyle for the year until an opportunity came to enter the NuWay National Girl’s Wrestling Tournament held in Battle Creek Michigan. Morigan had taken a break from practice from Spring Break so we were not sure how well she would do. But she went in with determination and drive and went on to place 2nd out of twelve girls in her age group and weight class and was awarded the honorary title of “All American” by the NuWay organization.”

Morigan continues to wrestle in the Freestyle and Greco-Roman season. She also participates in Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing and Judo in pursuit of her dream of one day fighting in the UFC like her heroes Sara McMann and Miesha Tate.

Some people find it odd to see a little girl with such interests, but there was something different about Morigan and other girls who participate in Combat sports. Dad said, “She found that Wrestling and Boxing girls tend to take care of each other even if they are opponents. Whereas in other more traditional sports that girls participate in there are a lot more of the “mean girl” games that Morigan has never been interested in.”

Morigan is 9 years old and attends Symon’s Elementary in Milan, she does well academically, with a love of reading and science.


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