By Milan Eagle Media

Milan Area Players  presentation of the play  “Fashion to Die for” April 11 at Ti-County Sportsman Club probably brought tears to some eyes, tears of laughter.  The place was packed, tickets sold out days before which was good news for The Milan Area Chamber of Commerce.  For the third year in a row, the “players” donated their time as a fundraiser for the Chamber.  Directed by Dr. Eduardo Enriquez, who also played the part of Pupi, an Italian Fashion designer, the cast moved quickly throughout the evening and interacted with the audience

Cara Mia Pucaria, played by Gwen Hodges, an upcoming New York fashion designer  finds herself competing with the famous Pupi Pastorini and it doesn’t help that her new assistant  Rachael, played by Joy DeVaughn seems incapable  and inexperienced in her position and provokes confusing and funny situations.  Sylvia, played by Marty Betts, is the famous fashion editor behind the competition between these two designers.  Cigar puffing movers Eddie, played by Jim Nagle, and Rollo, played by Bruce Empson will shine a new light on the fashion industry as you know it.  Mitch Smith is behind the scenes with sound and lights.

Comments heard from the audience after the performance indicated they thought this play was the funniest yet and if you didn’t see tonight you missed a good  dinner, a good time and lots of laughter.

The Milan Area Players will be presenting the play May 8 and May 9 at Don Juan’s Mexican Grill and the proceeds for these next two performances will go toward finding a cure for Alzheimer’s.


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