MILESTONE: Joey Humes breaks MHS 1 mile record that has stood for 50 years

NOTE: At press time, on Saturday, May 30 at the Michigan State Track and Field Championship in Zeeland, MI, Joey Humes finished third place in the 1600 meter run.  His final time of 4 minutes and 20 seconds drops his school record by nearly 3 seconds which he established just days ago.


By Milan Eagle media

Joey Humes is now a junior in Milan High School and his mom, Renee recalls when Joey started to run distance in the 8th grade he passed a trophy display case in the hallway at MHS and discovered Ken Head had set the One Mile Record at Milan High School in 1965 with 4.23 he decided he would break Ken’s record.  He talked about it and his family soon became familiar with “4.23” the number Joey had to beat.  One winter he ran outside in the cold, snow and ice, he wouldn’t let up.  This past winter he swam on the school team and this helped him exercise…not to mention it was a little warmer than running outside.  Last year Ken Head went up to Joey and told him that “he’s waiting and he wanted Joey to break the record.”  Even though Joey ran fast, he still held back, maybe a little fearful he might reinjure his knee.  One meet Ken told Joey “I could have timed that one with a calendar.”

Joey has won every meet in One  every Two Mile except Regional when he finished second.  He has 63 medals for running (track and Cross country) since his freshman year.

A few days ago Joey was invited to the Meet of Champions in Dexter.  The weather didn’t seem to want to corporate, the rain came down and the winds blew…the meet was delayed.  As Joey waited he told his mom he “wanted to run” and as the rain stopped and the winds died down he headed toward the track telling her to video tape the meet and “today’s the day”.

Like always, Joey started out with everyone else and like always he finished ahead and alone crossing the finish line.  While running he’s always very focused and at the end he always looks up toward his mom, smiles and gives her a “thumbs up”.

This day Joey was seeded second and figured he’d run with the first runner, however he didn’t show up so Joey just ran and had to decide how much he could do, he was on pace but had to push himself.  He expected someone right on his heels.  As the crowd watched and cheered Joey ran!  He said, “it was spectacular – great feeling and Coach was waiting at the finish line.  Really cool, winning with 4.22:6 (beating 4:23) I broke the school record!”

After winning he got in the car to go home and the first person he called was Ken Head to tell him he broke his 50-year old school record for the One Mile.  Both were so excited and happy sharing in the moment, that those around picked up on the excitement as well.

Determination, discipline and hard work  paid off for Joey and now he has his senior year to look forward to and another school record to break in the One Mile.

Congratulations Joey!

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