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Editorial: Good Deal or Bad Deal?

By Doctor Eduardo Enriguez

America once again finds herself in the cross road of deciding if the agreement with a foreign country may affect the life of future generations and the stability and peace of the entire world. We all want peace, not many people like or promote war on this planet, but what happens if the decision we make as a country produces worse consequences.
One of the curiosities of the agreement with Iran is that we establish a deal with a country that the people and leaders are reciting Death to America, Death to Israel. Is Iran really seeking peace with the States or only trying to benefit themselves and continue supporting terrorism against us and against other countries? Another curiosity was, when the deal was signed the people in Iran went to the streets to celebrate. Is it weird? If it was a diplomatic victory for the USA, why the people in Iran celebrate while continuing vociferating death to America? Doesn’t look that they are glad because an agreement of peace was reached; it looks more like “we stuck it to you USA”.
The essences of the deal was to prevent Iran to build a nuclear weapon, and one condition, possibly the most important was inspection any time everywhere. Well, it did not happen. Iran has 24 days to allow an inspection, a country who violated 20 international agreements and lied to international inspectors has the right to object the inspection and has to discuss by a committee that includes Iran, Russia and China. While the committee is deliberating what to do, Iran has more time to hide more evidence. The fact that there will not be inspection any time everywhere, already qualifies as a bad deal.
This agreement allows Iran to continue developing centrifuges to enrich Uranium, Iran is allowed to continue to develop and build intercontinental ballistic missiles. (Why does Iran want intercontinental missiles? After all, they are seeking peace with the United States, aren’t they?). Iran will be able to keep most the nuclear infrastructure. Sanctions against Iran will be lifted before they make the changes that the nuclear program requires. By the way that is going to cost America billons of dollars.
Even if Iran does not cheat at all, this agreement will keep Iran only one year away from having a nuclear weapon. After 10-15 years Iran’s leaders could get a weapon within two months. That’s just too dangerous for America, for Israel and for the world, when we are dealing with a regime like Iran’s. Only one country in the world has stated that its policy is to wipe another country “off the face of the earth”—Iran.
This deal would fuel a Middle East nuclear arms race, making the world less safe. Saudi Arabia already said it does not believe this deal will be effective, and that it will match Iran’s nuclear capability. News reports indicate it is planning to buy a nuclear weapon from another country. Algeria, the UAE, Qatar, Turkey and others are also preparing to become nuclear weapons states if this deal is approved. Any additional nuclear weapon in the world’s most unstable region just increases the chances they will fall into the hands of terrorists. Iran itself is the world largest funder and sponsor of terrorist.
To add to the problem, the Iran Russia relation is warming up creating some concern in US officials and some of the allied countries. The Iranians also are expecting the Russians, by the end of 2015, to deliver the S-300 air defense missile system to Tehran as part of a deal signed earlier in the year.
The speculation is, the Iranians wanting advanced air defense systems because “when Iran is ready to break out a nuclear bomb, it will make its airspace impenetrable from both U.S. and Israeli military attack”.
Well, I do not see any good deal. In my opinion this is a dangerous agreement. Are we only buying peace for 10 years? Then who knows?

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