Platt and Redman intersection opens

Photo by Tom Dupuis
City officials and guests gathered to celebrate the opening of the new and improved intersection of Platt Road and Redman Road. The intersection now has a left turn lane if you are traveling in any direction. Along with the left hand turn lanes traffic sensors have been added to aid in efficient flow and detection of traffic.
“This was several years of planning and I appreciate everyone who worked to secure the funding and get the project completed ahead of schedule, says Mayor Armitage. “It was an ambitious goal to complete this project without it interrupting the school year, and everyone pulled together to make it happen!
“As most people who travel this stretch of road know it can get very congested and wait times are quite long during school hours and after events let out from the high school,” states City Administrator Jade Smith. “This improvement is a long time in the making and will undoubtedly make it easier for travelers and will set up the intersection for any future expansion that may happen.”

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