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Benoit family raises awareness

By Joyce Ervin The Thomas Benoit family supported the recent American Cancer Society’s Milan Relay for Life. Before the event that was held on August 22 in Wilson Park, Tom was busy recruiting community members to join his team. His wife Trish Benoit and daughters Natalie and Katelynn, ages 12 and 14, were photographed hanging […]

Milan’s first fire truck purchased in 1926

By Martha Churchill Special to the Milan Eagle It took two years for the Milan Village Council to decide they needed a fire truck. The village leaders were tired of fires turning buildings and homes to ashes every time a kerosene lantern fell over. After debating the idea of passing a millage to pay for […]

Wilow Run documentary in works

By David Peterson “WILLOW RUN” is the title of an upcoming documentary about the legendary B-24 bomber plant near Ypsilanti, Michigan – a focal point of the Arsenal of Democracy during Word War II. Yankee Air Museum is proud to present this documentary, produced and directed by David Peterson, owner of Stone Bridge Productions (located in […]

Farmers get a first hand look at Lake Erie Algae

By Rod Hill Michigan Farmers are on the front line of concern about toxic algae blooms in the Great Lakes. It’s understood that excess phosphorous in the water is a major contributor to these blooms and, since farmers use a lot of phosphorous as fertilizer, they are the most obvious targets for action. Even so, […]

Editorial: Good Deal or Bad Deal?

By Doctor Eduardo Enriguez America once again finds herself in the cross road of deciding if the agreement with a foreign country may affect the life of future generations and the stability and peace of the entire world. We all want peace, not many people like or promote war on this planet, but what happens […]

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