Letter to the Editor

To the Editor

I want to thank the Santa at Mullins Auto. I went to Mullins for an oil change on my old car, it is on its last leg, it is a ’97. Every time I take it in I am scared of bad news. When the cashier came with my bill, the cashier asked me if I saw Santa come in and I said no. He handed me my bill and it said Merry Xmas from Santa paid in full by cash. Also they put on new wipers; I didn’t even know I needed them.
Mullins is the most honest people in Milan. I love them dearly. They know you by first name, never forget it.
If I knew who Santa was I would have given him a big hug. I am pretty good at that.—–
I want to wish all of them a Happy New Year.

God bless all
Love Bobbie Jewell

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