Photos by Milan Eagle Media Bea Coleman and LeAnn Martin stop to take a breath to share opening details  of Milan Bakery & Diner.

Photos by Milan Eagle Media
Bea Coleman and LeAnn Martin stop to take a breath to share opening details of Milan Bakery & Diner.

By Milan Eagle Media

In December, after several long months and unlimited anticipation, The Milan Bakery & Diner opened at their newly remodeled location at 1035 Dexter St.
Since May 2015, business partners LeAnn Martin and Bea Coleman had discussed opening a bakery/diner but the old location on Main St. didn’t have room to expand nor did it have the much needed parking clients wanted.
LeAnn started at the Milan Bakery in 2013 decorating cakes and within the same year assumed ownership. She operated the Main St. location until August and then closed to devote all her time working with Bea, cleaning, redecorating and reopening a bigger bakery and diner. Bea and LeAnn were neighbors in 1998 and Bea had a pizzeria in Petersburg for several years. Once they started sharing business ideas it seemed only natural to go into partnership, expand the seating, the menu items, the hours and the parking for their clients. The bakery was already known for wonderful baked goods, soups and salads and they wanted to use their skills to offer more. When they weren’t cleaning, painting and organizing they worked on the new menu and finally after inspections they started hiring a staff and set their opening date for December 12 for the bakery and the diner a couple of days later.
Entering the building on the left you will find a lighter, open atmosphere with black and white booths. Opening at 7am on Sundays and 6am Monday-Saturday there’s a large selection of breakfast items which are available all day. Pizzas are homemade and the sauce is made from scratch with about 16 toppings to choose from or just order one of the 7 specialty pizzas from the menu. If you prefer something else there’s salads, burgers, sandwiches, spaghetti, lasagna, chicken, roast beef to name a few plus on Wednesday and Thursday Taste of Mexico offers 10 dishes such as enchilada, taco, burrito and chimichanga with numerous side dishes. Be sure to save room for dessert. The meeting room in the center is for overflow from the diner or private meetings/parties.
Turning inside the doorway to the right is the famous Milan Bakery with it’s wonderful baked goods, cakes, breads, donuts and sweets along with cold subs and hot soups. Cakes for every occasion can be ordered and those Saturday pretzels that we’ve missed since August are “back in town”.
With ample parking there’s no longer a need to circle the block looking for a parking space and hours have been extended to better serve the customers.
LeAnn and Bea said, “we’re working out the kinks, the products and waiting times. We’ve got all hard workers anxious to serve.” Call (734) 439-2655 and they’ll send you a menu. Coming soon will be pre-baked ready cakes that names can be written on and once they are established they’ll roll out a delivery and finalize the later closing hours. Last the Eagle heard the Bakery will close at 6pm and the diner around 10pm with later closing times, especially on Friday and Saturday nights . Call to verify closing times. LeAnn and Bea said, “ tell everyone to come visit and also check us out on Facebook”

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